Why Would Anyone Have A Breast Reduction?

Why Would Anyone Have A Breast Reduction?

A common question related to the cosmetic surgery field is; why would anyone have a breast reduction?

This question is very common and often follows the same pattern of who asks it; people with smaller breasts and no symptoms.

Unless you have oversized breasts, then you probably find it hard to understand why someone would look to have breast reduction surgery.

But the reality is there are a number of factors as to why people choose this type of surgery and it often involves both physical and mental reasons.

The Breast Burden

Women who have very large, or oversized breasts often feel that they are more of a burden, rather than something to embrace.

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Boobs that are very large can cause physical symptoms including:

  • Back / neck pain
  • Irritation of the skin and rashes
  • Posture issues
  • Painful bra straps
  • Shoulder pain

However, issues are not limited to physical, and can affect the psychological state of a patient too, including:

  • Feeling self conscious
  • Embarrassment
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Women with smaller boobs often pass comments and feelings of envy towards those with large breasts. But people who have large breasts often see them as a burden.

Furthermore, oversized breasts can limit activity levels, such as lifting weights, exercising in the gym and sports.

So what can seem like an easy, everyday task, can be a real struggle to some people.

In addition, large breasts may make you feel self conscious about your appearance and make you feel out of proportion. Some women feel that their breasts attract unwanted attention and people focus on the breasts rather than their face.

It can also often be difficult to find clothes that fit and shopping 'off the shelf' is usually a no go.

This is because clothes may fit on the lower part of your body, but your bust means that the clothes do not fit well up top.

Once the issues / struggles women with large breasts face are brought to the forefront, it's easy to understand why opting for breast reduction surgery is an easier decision to some people.

So what happens during a reduction?

Breast reduction surgery will remove some of the skin and tissue that is causing the oversize issues. The remaining tissue can then be reshaped in to a smaller, more proportionate size on the chest.

Women with large areola's can also benefit from reduction as the outer part of the nipple can be cut away and reduced in circumference.

In order to remove the skin and tissue from the boobs, a cosmetic surgeon will make an incision in to the breast so that the tissue is exposed ready for trimming. Sometimes the nipple has to be removed and repositioned so that it sits in the correct place on the new size breast in the new position. Not moving the nipple would result in it pointing the wrong way or looking out of line.

For women with extremely large busts, it's not uncommon for a cosmetic surgeon to recommend liposuction in conjunction with a reduction procedure so that large amounts of fat tissue can be taken away.

Furthermore, if excess skin is not an issue and the problem lies purely with excess fat, sometimes liposuction as a single procedure can be enough to reduce the size of the breasts.

Smaller breast reduction procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic, whereas larger surgeries will require general anaesthetic so that the patient is asleep during the operation.

How achievable are breast reduction results?

Breast reduction as a cosmetic procedure has a very high success rate and very high satisfaction rate.

Women who have undergone breast reduction surgery are often very pleased with the results.

The overall desired results that patients look for are that the breasts are more firm, smaller and therefore lighter and better proportionate to the rest of their body.

Due to the reduction in size, resulting in lighter breasts, reduction surgery also eases pain and discomfort caused from 'carrying around' large boobs.

Overall, when a patient undergoes a reduction, the procedure is permanent and no further surgery is required.

However, life events and changes in the body can result in the breasts becoming larger again. Therefore, if you are considering a reduction, it is advisable to wait until you no longer wish to have children as pregnancy is a large contributing factor.

Additionally, women should take caution with weight gain and try to live a balanced lifestyle through diet and exercise to minimise drastic changes in their body size and shape. For more details about breast reduction surgery, please visit: https://www.manchesterprivatehospital.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery/breast-reduction-surgery/

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10 Things To Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

10 Things To Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

A breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that anyone can be an ideal candidate for.

However, the most popular category for a reduction is females with very large breasts, who consider them to be oversized.

Here are 10 things you may not know about breast reduction surgery:

1. Breastfeeding can be affected but is still possible.

Whilst a breast reduction can be performed at any adult age, it is worth noting that breastfeeding can be affected by your surgery.

However, despite some online misconceptions, breastfeeding is still possible.

This can be a major point of discussion during a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, so make a note of related questions and ensure you get the answers you are looking for.

Modern surgical techniques make breastfeeding more of a possibility, compared with 10+ years ago.

Some people who are the more cautious type or less 'risky', feel it more beneficial to wait on getting surgery until they have passed child bearing age, whilst others are not fussed, and some don't intend on breastfeeding despite plans to have children.

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2. Weight does not always contribute to large breasts

Some doctors can provide advice and guidance to ensure you are the optimal weight you wish to be before proceeding with surgery.

This is because sometimes oversized breasts can be down to carrying a few extra pounds.

However, this is not always the case.

Some women who are only small / petite can still have very large breasts that feel out of proportion.

In fact, what might be considered large to one person, may not be large to another. So proportion is sometimes the key contributing factor depending on your body shape and size.

3. It's not uncommon to combine procedures

Some people think that a breast reduction will answer all their prayers.

However, it is not uncommon for multiple cosmetic surgical procedures to be combined and performed at the same time to achieve the look and goals desired by the patient.

The first step is establishing that breast reduction is actually the right procedure for them and that their goals aren't unrealistic.

The second step is, although breast reduction is the answer they are looking for, to achieve the complete look they want the patient may need to opt for additional surgery.

This can include anything from nipple surgery to liposuction.

4. Scarring is normal

As with any procedure that involves making incisions (cuts) in to a part of the body, there will first be a wound, then a scar.

However, it is important to speak with your surgeon during a consultation to fully understand where and how big your scars will be.

Your surgeon will also discuss the type of incision they will use when performing your surgery and the benefits of one versus the other.

As each patient is different in shape and size, every procedure is different in how it is performed and looks.

5. Don't be alarmed by numbness

After trauma to the body, such as an operation, it is normal that numbness is present.

Most of this numbness will be most noticeable about the nipple region due to them being highly sensitive areas.

6. Don't underestimate recovery

One of the big mistakes patients make post surgery is 'running before they can walk'.

Whilst it is a natural urge to feel like getting back to 'normal', working and exercising etc - it can actually knock you back and make the recovery stage take longer.

Try to relax, let your body heal and lay low for a couple of weeks, even if you feel better than you first thought.

7. Everyday struggles can be eliminated

A boost in self confidence may seem like an unreachable achievement pre-surgery.

However, eliminating the everyday struggles you face from having oversized boobs can really make a difference.

Like being able to buy underwear off the rack, exercising without wearing extra support on top of already supportive sports bras and looking more in proportion when wearing your favourite dress.

8. You don't have to have G cups to be a candidate for breast reduction

The phrase 'it's all relative' applies to breast reduction surgery.

Depending on factors such as symptoms, body shape and body size, breasts can be troublesome at any size and proportion plays a huge part.

What may seem like small breasts to one person may cause issues to another.

9. Breast reduction can be an out-patient procedure

Some people think that because the procedure sounds complex and can take a number of hours, that they will be required to stay in hospital.

However, depending on the extent of your surgery and your goals, you may be able to return home the same day.

10. Breast reduction often includes an uplift

Due to the nature of the procedure and what it involves, patients often undergo a breast uplift during a reduction.

This is because the look and feel of the breast changes when tissue is removed.

If you would like to speak with us regarding any of the points mentioned in this article, contact us for a friendly chat with a trained member of our team. To know more about breast reduction surgery, please visit: https://www.manchesterprivatehospital.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery/breast-reduction-surgery/

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Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Surgeon For Breast Reduction

Why It's Important To Choose The Right Surgeon For Breast Reduction

When a patient 'goes under the knife' for cosmetic surgery, there are always risks involved that the patient will either know in advance or be made aware of.

However, when it comes to breast reduction, unlike augmentation, you are actually 'downsizing' your boobs and removing tissue from the breasts, rather than adding size.

Therefore, it is crucial that the surgery is performed to a high standard by an experienced and skilled surgeon.

This is because there are not only complications of the surgery, but how well the surgery is performed can alter the size and shape of the breast, along with how they 'hang' on the chest.

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Botched Boob Jobs

There are a number of factors in breast reduction that must be taken into consideration when undergoing surgery, and if not, could cause serious harm.

These factors include, the surgery technique, the incision, scarring, aftercare and pain.

Many women unnecessarily experience botched boob jobs, whether it be augmentation or reduction, and often it causes more stress than before the surgery.

It is important to choose the right surgeon and to arrange a consultation or two to ensure you are happy with who is going to be performing your surgery.

A consultation is a chance to not only meet your surgeon, but to help build confidence in them as you undergo possibly one of the biggest decisions in your life.

Not doing so can have a huge impact.

Like a lady in the US, who was left with a 'third boob' under her armpit and very deep, large scars because of a botched breast reduction, resulting in lower self esteem than before her surgery.

Cutting Corners

Many women look to cut corners in life, and unfortunately cosmetic surgery is no different.

They often speak, in hindsight, of why they cut corners. Reasons often include convenience, location or price.

But the fact remains that people should choose surgery because it is not only right for them, but they have the confidence that it will be performed well.

Bad surgery can leave you scarred for life. Not just physically, but mentally too.

The makeup of a boob is something that needs to be treated with respect and experience to successfully manipulate during a reduction procedure.

A breast consists of special tissue along with fatty tissue, which is linked closely to the intercostals and pectoral muscles.

Cutting corners and not choosing the right surgeon can be detrimental to your health, wellbeing and appearance.

Before you opt for surgery, always ensure you know what the procedure involves and how you will look after it.

With breast reduction, it is important to understand that the glandular tissue, which produces milk, could be affected in some procedures more than others. It's also important to see how your nipples (areola) will look once your wounds have healed post surgery.

Reasons why it's important to choose the right breast surgeon

There are a number of reasons why choosing the right surgeon for your reduction is crucial.

Issues from botched or poor surgery can include;

  • Different sized boobs
  • Nipples incorrectly placed on the breast
  • Unable to produce milk
  • Breast tissue manipulated in to the wrong place
  • One breast hanging lower than the other
  • Too much tissue is removed
  • Not enough tissue is removed
  • Huge visible scars not hidden by clothing
  • Misshapen breasts

If you have concerns or doubts about a particular surgeon, try to look at reviews from other previous patients online.

Join forums, social media or communities to hear stories from patients who have had the same procedure.

Look for before and after photos from previous patients and compare similar size boobs to what you are considering to understand how yours may look.

Pick up the phone and give us a call for a friendly chat. Speaking to the experts in the industry can help put your mind at rest and assist with collecting as much information as possible to make an informed decision about breast reduction. For more details about breast reduction surgery, please visit: https://www.manchesterprivatehospital.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery/breast-reduction-surgery/

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