What Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, abbreviated to MLD, is a gentle massage technique performed by specialists to apply precise pressure to the body's tissues in order to remove excess waste and fluid.

The natural massage technique is commonly used after liposuction procedures, but also as a method of control for lymphoedema and lipoedema - chronic conditions related to swelling and build up of fluid and fat cells.

As part of the body's natural circulatory system, the lymphatic system gets rid of excess waste, toxins and fluid. However, sometimes the body's mechanism is compromised or disrupted, resulting in an abnormal performance and build up (swelling).


Following procedures such as liposuction, our body naturally produces fluid around the area of trauma to heal and protect it. But from time to time our natural lymphatic system can struggle with the large volume of fluid and may not drain it was quickly as it would like. Additionally, excess fluid can sometimes cause hardness and lumpy areas in the body.

The specialised Manual Lymphatic Drainage technique applies rhythmical pressure points to problematic areas of fluid and waste build up in order to help the lymphatic system perform its job more effectively.

MLD not only removes excess waste from your body, but can also be relaxing as well as reduce pain receptor signals between the body's tissues and the brain.

Multiple sessions are performed on different areas of the body depending on the area being treated.

Why Choose MLD?

MLD can drain fluids from the body following liposuction as well as part of a treatment plan for both chronic lymphoedema and lipoedema.

If Manual Lymphatic Drainage is performed to help lymphoedema and lipoedema, regular sessions may provide better results as both conditions are usually long term and not able to be fully treated.

There are many advantages of choosing MLD massage and with the right, qualified practitioner can produce brilliant, effective results. Patients across Manchester and the rest of the UK are choosing MLD in order to:

- Reduce the visibility of stretch marks
- Detox the body's tissues
- Improve chronic conditions
- Relax the body
- Heal damaged ligaments
- Help with post cosmetic surgery recovery
- Ease chronic conditions such as arthritis and sinusitis
- Improve metabolic rate
- Reduce water retention
- Speeds up illness recovery
- Improve scar tissue appearance
- Reduce visibility of cellulite
- Increase circulation and blood flow

Different MLD specialists can use different techniques depending on the target area. Techniques include; scoop, rotary, stationary and pump.

MLD Results

The aim of Manual Lymphatic Drainage is to unblock the lymphatic channels within the body, detox the overall lymphatic system and provide a general sensation of health and wellbeing.

Any patient who has undergone a treatment of liposuction, including Vaser, MLD can assist with the aftercare and recovery to stop lumps forming under the skin, which provides an uneven contour.

MLD can also help with reducing post surgery symptoms such as swelling, pain and bruising.

Alleviating symptoms of cosmetic surgery can not only speed up the healing process but make it more tolerable. The build up of fluid can sometimes be unsightly and bring feelings of anxiety, which can also be reduced with effective MLD massage.

Unblocking obstructed lymph vessels can improve the lymph flow so that the body can transport excess waste from the body. Some patients also report a feeling of heaviness during a fluid build up that is eliminated with effective treatment.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Aftercare

Following a MLD massage treatment, patients sometimes find that they are very thirsty and may wish to replenish and quench their thirst with water.

After your massage, you should aim to drink plenty of fluids daily to continue flushing through your lymphatic system and be as active as possible.

Exercising and being active promotes healthy lymph flow and muscle movement keeps the lymphatic vessels moving efficiently.

Reduce or avoid your caffeine and alcohol intake, avoid smoking and eat only light meals for a few hours post treatment.

Why Us For MLD?

At the Manchester Private Hospital, we have qualified and experienced MLD massage specialists who perform various techniques on patients throughout the North West and North Wales.

We use a combination of gentle and firm precise movements combined with breathing techniques to promote the drainage of lymph nodes located near the surface of the skin and deep within the body.

Our highly skilled and personable staff have years of experience using MLD for chronic conditions, post surgery recovery, detoxing the body and strengthening the immune system.

Book Your Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage With Confidence

If you feel you may benefit from MLD massage or are wondering whether you are an ideal candidate for treatment, contact our friendly team on 0161 507 8822 to arrange a consultation.

We are able to assess all patients in a clinical environment with state of the art facilities at our Manchester based hospital.


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Patient Reviews

Louise D

Louise D

I am 2 months post op of breast implants and I cannot praise this Clinic enough Clerical Staff, Nurses Theatre staff and especially Dr Shah amazing! From my first consultation to my last check up i have been fully informed of my procedure all queries and questions answered day and night (Lorraine was brilliant always on hand) and Dr Shah put me at ease (as a very nervous patient on the day of my op) with his professionalism and excellent manner. I would have no problem recommending the clinic (as i have wanted this op for 10 years i have researched alot !) i am so happy with my new breasts and wish i would have gone there sooner thank you so much MPH for giving me such confidence again xx
Kerry B

Kerry B

I had a breast augmentation with mr signh 12th April and I can’t thank this man and his staff enough I was treated like a vip from day one every week i get a message to see how things are going I wouldn’t change a thing I’m 4 weeks post op my scars are healing nice my breasts look and feel so natural and look amazing!!!! On the day of my op I was anxious but the staff in the Manchester hospital made me feel welcome and put me at ease the hospital is so clean and the staff lovely and so friendly after my op I was well looked after I ate had 2 nice cups of tea n a little rest I had my 1 week app right away and went to that the following week every thing is as it should be mr Singh has changed myLife every day they look different and the after care and communication is amazing I can’t wait to see him again in a few weeks I couldn’t fault this place n the staff at all thank u for making my experience pre n post op amazing been recommending to friends and family as u do so much than just boobs lol u guys are amazing n I look and feel amazing mr Singh is the best in the business seeing what happened to my mates boobs I’m glad we had a long consultation and discussed every thing how many times over and the end results speak for themselves:)


Amazing experience at Manchester Private Hospital for my recent breast augmentation. The staff were all lovely and very attentive. My surgeon Dr Singh is honestly amazing. 4 weeks post op and my new breasts are looking amazing already.
Claudia T

Claudia T

I had Breast Augmentation surgery at Manchester Private Hospital under Dr Shah at the end of March 2019. Every single aspect of the journey went better than I ever could have expected. Every member of staff that I encountered were friendly and supportive, the facilities were very clean and comfortable, and I am over the moon with the whole experience. Very highly recommended in all areas!

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