About Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss)

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is a type of procedure performed on people for the Bariatric Surgery or Weight Loss Surgery in Manchester.

Overview about Weight Loss Surgery

Often people with severe obesity find it difficult to lose weight only through exercise and diet. Such chronic conditions would need weight loss surgeries which most people who find it almost impossible to lose weight by any other means, opt for. This involves an operation on the stomach and/or the intestines. Such surgeries can seem very effective if the patients stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise post-surgery. There are many kinds of weight loss surgeries including:

Bariatric Surgery:

Bariatric Surgery is a type of weight-loss surgery which is performed on the stomach or intestine to reduce the intake of food by the patient. After the surgery such patients have to commit to regular exercise and healthy diet throughout his/her life. Only then can the results of such a surgery be maintained.


Bariatric surgery can adopt an open approach or can be done through laparoscopy. In an open approach the patient’s stomach will be cut open in the traditional way using standard methods while laparoscopy involves the insertion of complex instruments via half-inch cuts that will send images to a monitor using a small camera. In fact, a number of bariatric surgeries are done using the laparoscopic methods today as there are lesser complications involved.

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