Why You No Longer Need To Travel Abroad For Cosmetic Surgery

Years ago, many women (and men) travelled abroad for cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation and hair transplants.

Locations such as Turkey, Malaysia and Czech Republic were hot destinations for 'cheap' cosmetic surgery that boasted much lower costs than in the UK.

However, with the advances in medicine and technology, combined with more accessible UK clinics and an increased number of skilled surgeons, the cost of surgery has slowly decreased.

Ten years ago, it was not uncommon for people to consider travelling to parts of Europe and other countries for surgery, this was because, even with additional associated costs - such as insurance and expenses - the procedures still worked out cheaper than opting for surgery in the UK.

But as time has passed, the cost of surgery has become a lot more affordable - including the introduction of cosmetic surgery finance, which allows patients to spread the cost of their payments across a number of years. Thus making the regular payments affordable and inline with their budget.

UK Surgery Vs Abroad

With any type of surgery, be it at home or abroad, research is always advised.

But when comparing UK procedures with procedures performed abroad, it is imperative that you make a true comparison.

This means looking beyond the price tag and considering all factors, such as potential risks, safety standards, aftercare and follow-up treatment.

As every cosmetic surgery procedure comes with potential side effects and complications, you should think about what you would do if something were to go wrong.

In the UK, a cosmetic surgeon has a legal obligation and responsibility to provide aftercare plans and follow-up treatment. Whereas surgeons and clinics located abroad may not.

In addition, not all clinics abroad will have links to the UK, therefore any follow-up communication and / or procedures would result in you returning to the original clinic, potentially costing you more money than you originally intended.

Furthermore, overseas clinics may operate lower standards than the UK, which could potentially increase your risk of infection. Aside from this, language barriers may mean that you do not fully understand the extent of your surgery and any small print attached to it, until it is too late.

Benefits Of UK Cosmetic Surgery

The idea of travelling abroad for surgery is often marketed in a clever way to make it sound more attractive and appealing. Some companies even offer vacation packages that include your surgery and a holiday in one.

However, these companies are not always vetted and it is difficult to distinguish between a genuine clinic and a rogue one. Meaning it is very easy for a rogue trader to take people's money and disappear.

Therefore you should always only trust what you can see and never hand money over without either seeing your surgeon or visiting the clinic where your surgery will be performed.

Having surgery in the UK comes with its own benefits that are often overlooked when compared with surgery abroad. Benefits include:

  • Accessible consultation, where you can meet with the surgeon who will perform your procedure before committing.
  • Know that UK standards are high and often much higher than overseas.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that UK clinics are regulated to ensure high quality care at all times.
  • Less travelling time to and from your surgery, including avoiding risky flight complications.
  • Better communication between patient and clinic.
  • Aftercare and follow-up appointments with professional medically trained staff.
  • No need to have additional insurance (such as travel insurance).
  • Affordable finance by regulated lenders with low deposits.
  • Reduced risk of pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis caused by flying.
  • Speak only with surgeons and other medical professionals. Some companies abroad hire sales men and women to attract 'customers'.

UK Cosmetic Surgery Costings

In order for you to compare UK cosmetic surgery versus overseas, we have listed some approximate figures for popular cosmetic surgery procedures so that you can see how much you might expect to pay in the UK.

This will help you to gain a better understanding and make an informed decision when weighing up the pros and cons.

  • Breast augmentation - from £3490
  • Breast Uplift - from £5,990
  • Vaser liposuction - from £2200
  • Tummy tuck - from £5,990
  • Hair transplant - from £3 per graft
  • Facelift - from £5,500

As you can see, costs for each procedure is a lot less than what cosmetic surgery used to be over ten years ago.

There is also no / low interest finance available with low deposits from £500.

If you are unsure about cosmetic surgery in the UK compared with procedures carried out abroad, call us today on 0161 507 8822discuss. We operate on a pressure free policy at all times and there is no obligation with all our consultations - available at a convenient time for you.

What Is The Wisdom Tooth Look?

A current trend in cosmetic surgery has recently gone viral known as the 'wisdom tooth' look.

But what is it and why are women looking it up on search engines and social media?

The wisdom tooth look is a body appearance that is one step further than the classic hourglass shape that many women aspire towards.

A 'craze' has recently spread around the usual online channels due to many celebrities having recently been photographed sporting the look, which many females are loving on both sides of the pond in the US and UK.

Main criteria for the new viral trend is a thin waist, streamlined legs with thigh gap, and a large buttocks.

One of the reasons why this look is known as the 'wisdom tooth' is because all factors combined give the appearance of a wisdom tooth - tapered in at the tops of the leg (thighs) and a bulges out at the sides.

Celebrities and Instagram stars are showcasing their photographs of the new look, enhanced by multiple cosmetic procedures.

The cosmetic procedures involved in creating the wisdom tooth figure are:

In addition to the above, some women are also going one step further and undergoing breast augmentation and breast uplift

However, despite the body transformation, many are not admitting to surgery, instead only coming clean about minor procedures such as botox and fillers.

Whilst a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a more desired figure, many members of the general public are not convinced surgery has not been involved.

For example, to increase the chances of a thigh gap without significant weight loss, liposuction or vaser liposuction is a potential cosmetic procedure that can suck out unwanted fat and sculpt the top area of the legs. Thus creating a thigh gap - where the tops of the legs do not touch.

In addition to this, Vaser can also be used on the flanks with possible butt-lift to enhance the backside. Buttlifts are popular at the moment due to photographs showcasing what can be achieved with either fat transfer or implant buttlift (also known as gluteoplasty).

Fat can be taken from other areas of the body and injected into a woman's bum region.

Fat that is unwanted usually comes from the stomach or thighs and used elsewhere.

One of the reasons why fat transfer is a preferred method of enhancement is because it is the individuals own tissue that is used - so the body has less chance of rejecting it as a foreign object or causing complications from scar tissue.

In addition, it also provides better results in some circumstances with a more natural and soft result.

However, when performing fat transfer buttlift surgery, it is absolutely imperative that the surgeon performing the procedure has the skills and experience of doing so due to the complexity of the operation.

Following a 'Wisdom Tooth' cosmetic surgery procedure, results can be visible from eight to twelve weeks.

For more information on any of the available cosmetic procedures at The Manchester Private Hospital, contact a friendly member of our staff at a convenient time for you.

Wonky And Painful Boobs From Poor Breast Augmentation

When a woman considers breast augmentation, they should always be made aware of possible risks and side effects.

However, what many women don't consider is that choosing the wrong surgeon can have devastating consequences.

There are many factors that separate a good boob job from a bad one, including; the type of implant used, the surgical technique and the location of the implant.

These are all factors that a reputable cosmetic surgeon should be able to explain during a consultation providing they have the relevant skills, qualifications and experience.

A recent news story in the UK revealed that one woman was left with wonky breasts and in pain for years due to poor medical practice and low quality implants.

breast augmentation

Therefore showing just how important it is to choose a trusted and reputable cosmetic surgeon who has the skills, knowledge and experience to perform long lasting breast enlargement.

In some cases, cosmetic surgeons who are reputable often find themselves performing re-augmentation on many women who have undergone a botched boob job or are suffering with poor quality implants.

Always Choose High Quality Implants

An example of high quality and trusted implants are 'Mentor' implants.

Mentor is one of the most respected and reputable brands of implant across the UK and rest of Europe.

At the Manchester Private Hospital, we use Mentor implants for augmentation as they are flexible, come in a variety of types and are long lasting.

These quality implants combined with our trusted surgeons allow us to perform successful breast enlargement procedures on a regular basis.

What's more is, Mentor is not only a reputable implant brand, but is confident in the products they manufacture - allowing them to offer a comprehensive warranty at no extra cost to the patient.

Botched Breast Reaugmentation

When a patient is suffering symptoms of a botched boob job, such as wonky breasts or pain, then it may be time to make the decision for re-augmentation.

Breast re-augmentation, also known as replacement, is a cosmetic procedure whereby a woman's implants are removed and replaced with new ones.

During this procedure, a surgeon may also remove scar tissue and repair the pocket where the implant is placed.

The good news is that re-augmentation can often be done using the first incision site so that there is no additional scarring.

The aim of reaugmentation is to fix any faults with the previous surgery that is causing pain, uncomfortable symptoms or dissatisfaction.

During a consultation for re-augmentation, your surgeon will be able to advise on the realistic results you can expect to achieve along with tell you exactly what is wrong with your current breasts.

Common issues with poor quality implants include; deflation and ripples, which can be visible at the top, middle, sides or bottom of the implant depending on the placement.

Reaugmentation is also an opportunity to increase or decrease the size of the implants to meet preferences and new goals.

If you have visible symptoms or suspect that something is not quite right with your breast implants, speak with a knowledgeable staff member at the Manchester Private Hospital today.

We understand how disheartening and worrying it can be when things go wrong. However, our specialist team have the knowledge and experience to put your mind at rest and eliminate any concerns you may have about undergoing more surgery.

Boob Job in Manchester – Everything You Need To Know

Are you based in or around Manchester and considering a boob job?

Here is everything you need to know, in brief, from research to consultation and aftercare plans.

This information will provide a good starting point for your boob job journey in easy to digest chunks without the medical jargon.

Where To Start?

The first thing any person is advised to do when considering a boob job is research the procedure.

One of the reasons for this is because the phrase 'boob job' can be used to describe one or more cosmetic procedures on the breasts.


Many people think that a boob job applies only to enlargement, however, a boob job can include a combination of procedures such as breast enlargement + breast lift, nipple correction, breast reduction, fat transfer and breast reconstruction.

Researching the type of procedure you want will allow you to gain more knowledge on the subject and provide you with questions to ask an expert.

The First Step

Once you have carried out extensive research on boob jobs, you will no doubt have understood the procedure a lot more and also gained an idea of not only what you like the sound of, but also what will suit your needs best.

For example, if considering enlargement, also known as augmentation, this can be carried out in a number of ways; implant enlargement or fat transfer enlargement. There are also many decisions to be made for each, such as what type of implant, or where the fat will be taken from to be placed into the breasts.

The next step to take is to contact a boob job specialist to arrange a consultation.

A specialist will be able to listen to your ideas, carry out a full medical examination to check your health and provide you with advice and guidance.

The advice and guidance you should expect to receive will include individual possibilities of what is possible and what is not for your size, body type and health condition. In addition, you will also be made aware of what the realistic goals and results are that you can expect after your procedure.

An example of unrealistic results would be to try and enlarge your breasts larger than a few cup sizes, which does not stick within sensible parameters for your body shape.

Second and Third Steps

After making the decision to get a boob job, learning more about the procedure and receiving professional advice, the following steps are actually undergoing surgery and recovering from your procedure.

Depending on the extent of your single or multiple combined procedure, the duration of the surgery will vary.

Certain boob jobs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to perform.

Additional time is added on for immediate recovery and aftercare.

The type of recovery and aftercare you receive should be within an accessible distance, especially in the event of complications and side effects.

For example, we are based in Manchester, which means we are perfectly located as a central hub for boob jobs in the North of England and North Wales.

Many patients travel up to 50+ miles from all over the North including; Blackpool, Derby, Crewe, Chester, Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales to visit our specialist boob job hospital

There are no limitations in terms of the patient locations we accept, however, you should be made aware of that often someone will need to assist / transport you to and from your procedure. So being within a reasonable distance can help.

In addition, check-ups and aftercare appointments will also need to be attended in a clinic, therefore travelling back and forth should be convenient for yourself and your chaperone.

After undergoing surgery, you will be expected to take it easy and give your body the time it needs to heal and recover.

This includes having time off work and resting.

Patients who love the gym may still be able to perform light exercise in the days following your procedure, but it is imperative that you check this with your specialist to ensure that what you are doing does not hinder or compromise the procedure and therefore negatively affect the results of your boob job.

If you have any doubts or unanswered questions relating to boob jobs, be it augmentation or fat transfer, contact us today on 0161 507 8822. to speak with a friendly member of our team who will be able to answer your queries and eliminate any sticking points.

Our Location

Manchester Private Hospital is based in Salford, Greater Manchester, and the postcode for your sat-nav is M5 4HB. We are accessible to many locations in the North, just 30 miles from Liverpool, 50 miles from Blackpool, 80 miles from Derby, 40 miles from Crewe and Chester, and 15 miles from Warrington.

Is It Worth Paying Monthly For Breast Enlargement?

Breast enlargement in 2019 in the UK is now more accessible than it has ever been.

Lower costs and increased numbers of cosmetic surgery clinics nationwide has made breast surgery a reality for more women than in previous years gone by.

However, although a boob job is now more affordable than previously, it is often still out of reach for many.

Alternatively, it is not high on the priority list, depending on individual circumstances.

For example, if a woman is a wife and has children, then there are often other things to pay for as a family before cosmetic surgery.

Therefore, in this article we look at the different options available to patients in the UK, such as pay monthly breast enlargement that not only makes it more accessible and affordable, but more manageable too with low deposits and low monthly payments.


What Is Pay Monthly Breast Surgery?

Pay monthly breast surgery is an affordable method of paying for the cost of a boob job.

So instead of paying the full cost up-front, you divide the cost (plus added interest) over a specified number of months.

It allows patients to access more treatment without obstacles or barriers.

Spreading the cost of your breast enlargement surgery over a longer period of time can make it possible and more accessible.

Depending on your goals and achievable results, low deposit finance is the ideal way to get the new boobs you've always wanted now, but pay later.

A low deposit means that you don't have to have access to thousands of pounds immediately and can arrange a payment plan that is convenient and affordable on a monthly basis.

What's more is, there are no hidden costs or fees, so no nasty surprises when it comes to paying.

All payments are mapped out in an agreed plan with transparent pricing. This means you can see exactly how much you need to pay and when to pay it.

For example, at the Manchester Private Hospital, we offer 0% interest free credit and flexible plans from our trusted finance partner.

Payments can be made over the course of one to five years and deposits start from just £500.

This means that monthly payments can be as low as £80 per calendar month.

Pay Monthly Vs Pay In Full

So when we consider paying monthly for breast surgery compared to paying in full, we ask ourselves is it worth it?

There are few pros and cons on each side and only you can decide what suits you best. However, paying monthly benefits include:

  • Spread the cost of surgery over 12 to 60 months.
  • Quicker access to surgery instead of waiting until you have enough funds saved.
  • Manageable monthly payments allow you to accommodate them within your monthly budget.
  • Receive surgery immediately, but pay later.
  • Low deposit amount meaning you can start the process without breaking the bank.

If paying monthly for breast surgery is something you have thought about, why not give us a call on
0161 507 8822. to discuss further and allow our friendly team to answer any questions you may have. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist with all queries and ensure we provide a press-free environment for you to make informed decisions about cosmetic procedures you are considering.