Breast Lift with Implants Combination: What You Need To Know

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Although a conventional breast augmentation procedure can help increase your bust by multiple cup sizes, the breast lift, or mastopexy, can resize and recontour your breasts. Another possibility is getting a breast lift with implants to dramatically reshape your appearance. This combination procedure is known for providing rounder, fuller breasts.

breast uplift after pregnancy

Ideal Candidates

The ideal patient for this procedure is an adult woman who is healthy and has sufficient breast skin and desires fuller, larger breasts. This procedure is commonly used by women who have recently undergone reduced breast volume after certain events like menopause, motherhood or significant weight loss.

If you become pregnant, your breasts may expand by as much as three cup sizes, stretching your skin and causing your breasts to look droopy or deflated once they resume their normal size. A breast lift and implants surgery can help.

I have gone through menopause. Can I have this procedure?

Following menopause, the breasts may change their shape. Declining estrogen levels can cause your body to begin distributing fat in a different way, shifting it from the breasts into the abdomen. Combined with skin elasticity changes, it can make one or more breasts appear more flat, particularly on top. A breast lift and implant surgery is a great way to help reverse these undesirable changes.

This cosmetic procedure can provide a lifting action in combination with the tightening of loose and sagging skin. Adding implants into this process is very helpful in restoring lost volume and rounding out the upper part of each breast.

Breast Lift and Implants Price

There is a great deal of variability in the price of this procedure. Consult with the surgeon who will be performing your procedure to determine how much it will cost.

What types of breast implants are available?

The two basic types of available breast implants contain saline and silicone. Saline breast implants are filled with sterilized salt water and have a silicone coating that enhances the size and shape of the breast. These implants are normally inserted without their inner fluid, which is added as needed to obtain the desired shape for the patient.

Silicone breast implants contain a silicone gel that is a close match to the feeling of human tissues. They differ somewhat from saline breast implants in that the breast will not lose size or shape in case of a rupture. If a rupture occurs, however, the breast implant will require removal.

Other Types of Breast Implants

Gummy Bear Implant: This type of implant is named this way because it will not have its shape altered if the upper layer breaks. Unlike other implants, they are normally firm, with specific sides designating top and bottom.

Round Implants: Women who receive these types of implants desire breasts that appear fuller since this procedure is normally for those who want breast enlargement. They do not have a specific side for top and bottom, but are round all over.

Smooth Implants: As the name indicates, smooth breast implants provide a smoother feeling. They are not stiff, resulting in more natural movement.

Textured Implants: Textured implants are known for being more fixed and stuck to surrounding tissues, so they will not move around as much inside of the breasts, as with some other implants.

Your Surgery

This combination cosmetic procedure takes as long as three hours to complete and is normally performed under general anesthesia. The type of incision required is dependent upon the amount of skin removal to achieve the desired lift. If only a minor amount is required, an incision can be created around the areola, whilst moderate tightening may involve an extra vertical incision to help with reshaping.

To make room for your breast implant, your cosmetic surgeon will form a pocket. They will place your new implant beneath the breast tissue, and the implant may need to be placed under the chest wall muscle. Finally, your surgeon will seal your incision using stitches, and tape, bandages, and gauze will be applied to provide support and help with healing.


One of the key aspects of the procedure is breast lift and implants recovery. Following your procedure, your breast will be swollen, bruised, and uncomfortable for a few days, which can be reduced with the use of oral anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. In a day or two after your surgery, your bandages will be removed, and you will need to wear a sport bra for two to three weeks.

You may have drainage tubes inserted for a few days to remove excess fluid. Your stitches can be removed in a week or two. You may experience numbness and swelling for up to six weeks after your procedure.

Contact your cosmetic surgeon right away if you experience any complications following your surgery.

Combination Breast Lift and Implants FAQ

How much does this procedure cost?

When it comes to breast lift and augmentation cost UK patients should consult with the performing surgeon. Costs vary on an individual basis, depending upon factors like the size and type of implants that will be used.

What happens at a consultation?

At your breast lift with implants consultation, you will be meeting with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to ensure that a lift and augmentation can help you achieve the results that you desire. It may help to bring along photos of how you would like to look after your procedure. You'll be asked to reveal your medical history, including any medicines or supplements that you are currently taking, as well as any past surgeries, relevant medical conditions, and the state of your general health.

Your cosmetic surgeon will provide an examination, measurement, and photographs of your breasts. They will go over your surgical options and develop a plan for your individual needs, based upon your body type and personal preferences. You will also discuss with your surgeon the type of implants that you desire and the size that you would like your breasts to be.

How Much Is A Boob Job

One of the most common searched for cosmetic procedures in the UK is a boob job.

Many women up and down the country want to ask the question how much is a boob job without actually committing themselves to any particular clinic or surgery.

However, breast augmentation procedure costs can vary and (depending on the clinic), may not be the complete cost - instead only being part of the total cost.

boob job cost

Price Exclusions

Some clinics in the UK exclude associated costs from their initial quotation such as medication and room facilities.

The reason that some costs are excluded from the total price is because each patient is different and some patients may have more associated costs than others.

For example, for relatively straight forward procedures, the patient may be able to return home the same day as their surgery - with no overnight stay in hospital required.

This ultimately affects the price of a boob job because there are less services provided by the cosmetic clinic / hospital.

When researching a cosmetic surgeon for the first time, be sure to make a note of all associated boob job costs so that you can get a truly transparent figure to base your decision on and compare it with other clinics.

Boob job associated costs may include:

- Cosmetic surgeon fee
- Clinic / hospital facility
- Anaesthetic
- Medical tests
- Aftercare medication
- Post surgery clothing

If you write down the list of costs involved in undergoing surgery on your breasts then you will be better informed to ask questions during your consultation and ensure you get a transparent pricing structure from your cosmetic surgery clinic.

Are Boob Jobs in Manchester Expensive?

Whether you are based in Manchester or nearby in surrounding areas, we are able to tailor a bespoke cosmetic procedure to suit your needs and goals.

With this said, it is difficult to provide an exact price before consultation as each patient is assessed on a per patient basis.
On average, our patients pay for surgery from £3490 for a boob job (breast augmentation), but it really does depend on the patient.

In addition, it is worth noting that any reputable cosmetic surgery clinic should never promise a fixed price until they know all the facts about your individual circumstances and realistic goals. And you ought to be wary of clinics who do provide you with a set price without meeting you first.

Breaking Down The Cost of a Boob Job

Following a consultation and assessment with a cosmetic surgeon, the first step to take when discussing your price is what exactly it includes and if anything will be added between now and your surgery date.

Some clinics may leave out any extras, recovery aids and even the surgeon fees in order to look more competitive on pricing.

Spending additional time breaking down your boob job price initially could save you time and nasty surprises later on.

Additionally, if the total cost of your surgery sounds cheap then always bear in mind the phrase 'too good to be true'. When you consider the knowledge you now have on what is involved in a boob job, ask yourself why the price is significantly cheaper than other clinics and how are they managing to undercut the others by so much.

A good way to measure the reputability of a clinic and their pricing structure is to attend other consultations with other cosmetic surgeons on a like for like basis. Once you are assessed individually for the same procedure with everything factored in, how does the price fair up?

Lastly; if you like the initial surgeon and clinic who provided the original price and the cost sounds good to you, try and speak with real previous patients / customers of the clinic to hear their experiences before committing yourself to surgery. Facebook is a great place to start as many people often leave reviews and ratings - sharing their patient experiences both positive and negative with the online world.

Ultimately, it is difficult to say exactly how much a boob job will cost without attending a consultation first. Sometimes the total cost can be a reflection of how good your cosmetic surgeon is, however as important as it can initially sound, cost should not be the absolute deciding factor for breast augmentation surgery.

If you want to get the ball rolling but are unsure where to start, call our team today 0161 507 8822 for friendly, helpful advice that can take the weight off your shoulders and provide you with some peace of mind and clarity. To know more about boob job, please visit:

Cost Of A Boob Job

In the UK, cosmetic surgery is on the rise and many women are curious to know the cost of a boob job.

The truth is, when people are searching online they come across so much information regarding breast surgery that it becomes confusing and at times misleading.

Breast surgery comes in all shapes and sizes (literally) and there are many factors that can affect the total cost, such as the location you live, the cosmetic surgeon and extent of your procedure.

boob job

It is also common for many women to undergo multiple cosmetic procedures at the same time, greatly affecting the overall cost.

The term boob job is broadly used in modern days to apply to almost any surgery involving the breasts. This means that when one person refers to a boob job as implants alone, will differ from another person referring to a boob job involving implants, uplift plus nipple correction.

Therefore, as you would expect, asking a person how much their boob job was without a breakdown of procedures would be significantly more than enlargement alone.

Boob Job Costs In The UK

Many years ago, women travelled abroad for boob jobs because the cost was expensive in the UK and much cheaper in other countries such as Turkey and Czech Republic.

However, over time the cost of breast surgery has decreased substantially, eliminating the need to travel abroad for surgery.

Through advances in technology and an increase in the number of cosmetic surgeons nationwide, boob jobs have become much more affordable in Britain.

Guide Cost

Although a boob job can vary from patient to patient, the general guide cost sets out an estimated figure that you can budget for and work towards if you are saving for surgery.

Below is a brief list of boob job procedures and their associated guide cost:

- Breast implant cost: £3490
- Breast implant + uplift cost: £6590
- Breast uplift cost: £5990
- Breast reduction cost: £6590
The cost of a breast surgery procedure usually includes the type and brand of implant. However, always check in advance with your preferred cosmetic surgeon what implants they use and why.

It is worth noting that implant type and brand can sometimes be the difference between a good boob job and a great boob job.

The main two fillings used are silicone (gel) or saline (sterile salt water).

In addition, implants can either be textured or smooth, which can determine how much they move and feel. Your cosmetic surgeon may be able to advise you on what will be the best option for you and your body type.

What Else Affects The Cost?

Along with the points mentioned above, there are other associated factors that can affect the overall cost of your breast surgery.

These include:
- Medication
- Aftercare / recovery

During a boob job consultation, discuss your options in great detail and be sure to ask whether the total cost includes medication, anaesthetic and aftercare. When it comes to aftercare all patients are different - some return home the same day as their surgery, whereas others may spend a night or two in hospital post surgery.
In addition, when itemising your boob job quotation, before proceeding be sure to ask your cosmetic surgery clinic about any add-on costs and whether or not the price you have received is all inclusive of everything you need.

After breast surgery, patients often receive an elastic bra that helps hold and support the boobs in the correct position so that they can heal properly over the days that follow your procedure.

It is worth paying attention to the aftercare massage recommendations and how to perform them with as little pain as possible. These techniques can stop scar tissue and assist with the healing process of the pocket in which the implants are placed in.

Is The Cost Affected By Under / Over The Muscle?

In a typical boob job, the position in which the implant is placed within the breast does not usually affect the cost. Although each patient is assessed on an individual basis for recommendations and best possible results. Your surgeon will be able to advise on the pros and cons of implant placement and whether or not the cost will be affected.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the cost of a boob job, call the Manchester Private Hospital today on 0161 507 8822 for a friendly chat and to book a no obligation consultation.

Best Place for a Boob Job

In the UK, there are generally two main types of people who opt for breast surgery at some point in their lives; women who have always wanted a boob job and women who have never considered a boob job before until they experienced a drastic change at some point in their life.

For the latter, it is often viewed as a milestone moment in a person's life that makes them feel different about their body than they did previously.

boob job procedure

These common milestone events, which are often turning points in terms of body appearance and self esteem include:

- Pregnancy and childbirth (including breast feeding).
- Severe weight loss
- Ageing / Hormonal changes
- Illness

No matter the milestone, changes in body appearance can affect people in different ways both physically and emotionally.
Often people who don't understand cosmetic surgery, fail to see the impact it can have not just on the outside, but on the wellbeing and lifestyle of many women in the UK.

However, regardless of how women arrive at the consideration for breast surgery, the majority of people have two things in common; they wish to improve their physical appearance and boost their self confidence.

So once you have made the decision to actually get surgery, it's time to research the best place for a boob job.

Where is the best place for breast surgery?

When searching for the best place for breast surgery, whether it's a generic boob job (implants), uplift, nipple correction or reduction, there are a few things to consider:

1. Do you want to travel short or long distances to / from a cosmetic surgery clinic?

2. If you are happy to travel further afield, how accessible is the clinic from motorways and transport links?

3. How big is the clinics online presence - social media, website, reviews.

4. Can you read profiles of the cosmetic surgeons who will be performing your surgery?

5. What is your budget?

Once you consider the five points above, it will allow you to carry out extensive research on the best place for your potential boob job.

The reason these points are useful is because the term 'best' is often opinion, and each person has their own individual likes and dislikes. So what is considered 'good' for one patient may not be good for another patient.

Noting the five points above and answering them on paper will allow you to be clear and concise with your decision making.

How to Find a 'Good' Cosmetic Boob Job Surgeon

Finding the best cosmetic surgeon to carry out your boob job can seem like a tricky and daunting task. However, once you have the knowledge you need, it becomes easier to identify a clinic or surgeon that you like.

The following tips can be used as guidance for finding the right cosmetic surgeon for you in the UK:

- Shop around - if you think you have found a boob job clinic you like the look of, don't commit to surgery until you have spoken with another surgeon for a second opinion, or attended another consultation elsewhere. Certain clinics have a good sales pitch that does not necessarily match the care or results that they deliver.

- Attend with a friend - when attending a consultation to discuss your boob job, take a friend / companion or chaperone to allow you to express feelings from another point of view and take in the information you discuss.

- Visit online forums / communities - it's easy to get swamped with information when researching online. However, forums and other communities are great places for reading comments and experiences from real people who have had breast surgery. You can also create your own threads with any questions you would like answering from a patient point of view.

- Speak to real people - research does not always have to be online. Offline research is a great way to hear the views from real women who have had boob jobs in the past. Attend local centres and reach out to community groups in your area.

- Read reviews - from Google and Yell to Facebook and Trustpilot, online review sites are good places to extend your research and read what actual real customers are saying about your chosen cosmetic surgery clinic / hospital. Reviews also come with 5 star ratings so you can get a insight in to what patients really think of the service they have received.

Why Patients Choose the Manchester Private Hospital

The Manchester Private Hospital is a specialist boob job clinic in Greater Manchester and covers all regions in the North West of England and North Wales. It provides 5 star treatment as rated by real patients on the WhatClinic website and is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Being a member of MEDSU and ISCAS, patients are able to have reassurance and peace of mind from the very start of their boob job journey. Patients regularly attend the clinic from locations; Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, Warrington, Oldham, Lancaster, Blackpool, Wirral, Rochdale and Salford.

Boob Job Clinic

Breast augmentation, boob job, breast enhancement and breast enlargement, are just some of the many terms used to describe the cosmetic surgery procedure of making your boobs bigger. And the first port of call for most people is usually Google - to research where to start and where to find a boob job clinic near you.

Many women look up where their nearest boob job clinic is, but never actually follow through with a telephone call or consultation.

boob job clinic

Perhaps they are just curious, or perhaps they let their feelings of doubt get the better of them.

There are many reasons why women back out of getting cosmetic surgery even before their journey has begun, and the truth is it takes some courage to actually make the first step of the journey.

However, cosmetic surgery is not what it used to be and is now part of one of the most common and sophisticated industries in not just the UK, but the world.

The advances in technology has opened up doors to many boob job clinics and brought about cosmetic solutions that would never have been possible 10+ years ago.

A new era of natural looking cosmetic surgery has been born.

A Boob Job Clinic You Can Trust

Whilst researching cosmetic surgery procedures before going ahead with them is recommended, many women often jump in to a procedure too early - finding the nearest boob job clinic and opting for surgery without enough feedback and information.

What would be more efficient for patients would be to look up the best boob job clinic within a reasonable travelling distance, rather than the nearest to them.

Review websites such as Trustpilot, Google, Facebook and Trustist are excellent places for reading genuine customer reviews that provide a star rating - so you can actually see for yourself the level of care and service you can expect with less risk to you.

At the Manchester Private Hospital, we have been performing cosmetic surgery on patients in the North West for many years, with hundreds of women putting their trust in us.

Our staff offer discrete and sensitive services at all times and pride themselves in offering a personalised service that is unique as each patient.

If you are looking for honest advice and reassurance about what is right and not right for you as an individual then this is exactly what you will find at our clinic.

All patients to our boob job clinic are assigned a dedicated advisor who will speak with you regularly and contact you with important information about follow-up appointments along with a guide through the entire process from start to finish.

Our job is to make you feel as comfortable and as reassured as possible from your initial consultations through to aftercare and recovery.

Why Our Breast Augmentation Clinic Is First Choice For Many

At the Manchester Private Hospital, every boob job is performed to the highest standard by some of the UK's most experienced cosmetic surgeons.

Many of the patients we have cared for and provided an array of procedures for have done so on word of mouth recommendation from current and past patients.

Our boob job clinic is constantly building trust with the public in Manchester and surrounding areas both online and offline, as we continue to strive to be the number one hub for breast cosmetic surgery in the North West.

Patients often travel between 5 and 100 miles to visit our clinic for boob job surgery amongst other procedures, including breast uplift, reaugmentation, reduction and liposuction. Common major cities that our patients travel from include; Manchester, Liverpool, Rochdale, Bolton, Wigan, Macclesfield, Ellesmere Port, Crewe and Huddersfield.

Below are just some of the points why our patients make us their number one boob job clinic recommendation:

- State of the art clinic facilities
- Warranty and guarantee on cosmetic procedures
- Personal aftercare and recovery plans for ultimate peace of mind
- Dedicated pre-op and post-op care from a personable team of staff
- Skilled and experienced surgeons in all types of boob job, including multiple procedures at one time

If you are considering a boob job for the first time, it is important to take your time and not rush in to a decision you are not entirely comfortable with.

Book multiple consultations for absolute reassurance and space them out a few weeks apart. You would be surprised at how many questions crop up and how your feelings change with your mood each day / week.

Boob Job Clinic in Greater Manchester

The Manchester Private Hospital is located off Windsor Street in Salford, just 2 miles from the centre of Manchester. Call us for specific directions from your home so that you can plan your journey to and from consultations and procedures.

Conveniently located clinic from Prestwich, Cheetham Hill, Pendlebury, Eccles, Trafford, Stretford, Rusholme, Moston, Croylsden, Failsworth, Middleton and more.

Call now for free advice and guidance on how to get your boob job questions answered 0161 507 8822.