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As the year (2019) draws to a close, many people start looking forward to the new year and thinking about new body goals.

Although the holiday period is sometimes viewed by some people as a time to let yourself go, for others it is a time of anxiousness as they worry about over-indulging on sweets, treats and roast dinners.

The latter people often get in early with their gym memberships or plan an exercise routine that will combat any family eating occasions over the festive holiday.

Whatever your goals, at this time of year the outcome is usually similar; involving targets or challenges that we set ourselves to improve self image, boost self esteem and bring about a more aesthetically pleasing figure.

Vaser liposuction + Brazilian Butt lift

If you have been thinking about body contouring cosmetic surgery to enhance your image, then keep reading to see how one of the most revolutionary procedures is a true game changer and real possibility for you; Vaser Lipo with BBL (aka Vaser liposuction + Brazilian Butt lift).

The combined cosmetic procedure is very popular at this time of year because it is a 2 for 1 treatment, which requires only one scheduled surgical procedure and one period of downtime recovery.

Vaser lipo is a precise fat removal method designed to contour the body by adding definition. It targets stubborn fat in areas such as hips, stomach and thighs and utilises the fat by transferring for enhancement of your bum - adding volume and shape.

Vaser Lipo

Weight loss and getting in peak physical shape can sometimes be a frustrating process, including fine tuning your workout to maximise definition.
Whether you want eliminate this frustration or see immediate results, there are a number of cosmetic surgery treatments that help both men and women hit their individual targets.
If eliminating excess stubborn fat cells is your priority, then lipo has always been the goto procedure for removing fat. And while there are other treatments available, none of them come close to producing the same results of fat removal that you can see almost instantly.

vaser liposuction

However, over the years liposuction has gained a somewhat negative reputation despite being able to remove large amounts of fat during one course of treatment. This is in part due to other cosmetic procedures being able to produce similar amazing results without the series of cons that come with lipo, such as recovery discomfort, loose skin and high risk unless performed by a well seasoned and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

At the Manchester Private Hospital, Dr Singh has been providing Vaser Lipo over the past few years successfully to many patients across the North West of England. Vaser utilises the most advanced technology in body contouring and is far less invasive that traditional liposuction.

Vaser lipo performed by Dr Singh is especially effective in tackling stubborn dense fat cells that are extremely difficult to remove through diet and exercise.

The careful, precise procedure is able to suction out dense fat cells in a minimally invasive way with less body trauma and less swelling / bruising.

Vaser liposuction uses advanced ultrasound technology to loosen fat cells for removal via a small tube without damaging surrounding tissues.

Dr Singh is highly skilled and qualified to precisely target these stubborn fat cells whilst leaving blood vessels, other tissue and nerves intact. This in turn leads to less pain and a quicker recovery period because the body suffers much less trauma.

The end results from Vaser lipo are amazing - adding muscle definition and sculpting the body to a ripped and athletic appearance.

Once the fat cells have been removed, your skin is able to retract - leaving behind a more youthful aesthetic look and smoother skin.

However, it is important to note that Vaser lipo is not considered a weight loss solution for obesity or overweight patients. Instead it is suitable for patients who are already at an ideal body weight and simply want to fine tune their appearance by adding more definition to an already toned figure.


Your bum may be considered an asset, or a burden. It may be flat, thin, lack volume or shapely. Whatever your views, a Brazilian Butt Lift is designed to alter the appearance of your natural bottom to a more desired size or shape.

Bum enhancement with liposuction is a common combine cosmetic procedure that uses your own fat to create a contour silhouette that you can be proud of.

Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL surgery using Vaser liposuction means that fat is removed from one or more parts of your body and injected back in to your buttocks.

Stubborn fat from the hips, stomach and thighs can be removed using Vaser, purified and injected in to each bum cheek to enlarge, shape and contour your bum.

For many years, the fat removed using liposuction was simply discarded. However, with the advances in cosmetic surgery treatments and technology, your own body fat can now be utilised for enhancing other parts of your body.

What's more is, as this is a combined procedure, patients only have to deal with one round of treatment and one recovery period.

If you like the idea of using your own fat to enhance your buttock with BBL using Vaser and would like to know more, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we will happily provide more information.

Dr Singh is a specialist body sculpting and contouring cosmetic surgeon who has worked in Italy, Romania and the US. He has been offering his skills and expertise to UK residents for many years and specialises in buttock lift surgery with Vaser lipo.

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What Is The Wisdom Tooth Look?

A current trend in cosmetic surgery has recently gone viral known as the 'wisdom tooth' look.

But what is it and why are women looking it up on search engines and social media?

The wisdom tooth look is a body appearance that is one step further than the classic hourglass shape that many women aspire towards.

A 'craze' has recently spread around the usual online channels due to many celebrities having recently been photographed sporting the look, which many females are loving on both sides of the pond in the US and UK.

Main criteria for the new viral trend is a thin waist, streamlined legs with thigh gap, and a large buttocks.

One of the reasons why this look is known as the 'wisdom tooth' is because all factors combined give the appearance of a wisdom tooth - tapered in at the tops of the leg (thighs) and a bulges out at the sides.

Celebrities and Instagram stars are showcasing their photographs of the new look, enhanced by multiple cosmetic procedures.

The cosmetic procedures involved in creating the wisdom tooth figure are:

In addition to the above, some women are also going one step further and undergoing breast augmentation and breast uplift

However, despite the body transformation, many are not admitting to surgery, instead only coming clean about minor procedures such as botox and fillers.

Whilst a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a more desired figure, many members of the general public are not convinced surgery has not been involved.

For example, to increase the chances of a thigh gap without significant weight loss, liposuction or vaser liposuction is a potential cosmetic procedure that can suck out unwanted fat and sculpt the top area of the legs. Thus creating a thigh gap - where the tops of the legs do not touch.

In addition to this, Vaser can also be used on the flanks with possible butt-lift to enhance the backside. Buttlifts are popular at the moment due to photographs showcasing what can be achieved with either fat transfer or implant buttlift (also known as gluteoplasty).

Fat can be taken from other areas of the body and injected into a woman's bum region.

Fat that is unwanted usually comes from the stomach or thighs and used elsewhere.

One of the reasons why fat transfer is a preferred method of enhancement is because it is the individuals own tissue that is used - so the body has less chance of rejecting it as a foreign object or causing complications from scar tissue.

In addition, it also provides better results in some circumstances with a more natural and soft result.

However, when performing fat transfer buttlift surgery, it is absolutely imperative that the surgeon performing the procedure has the skills and experience of doing so due to the complexity of the operation.

Following a 'Wisdom Tooth' cosmetic surgery procedure, results can be visible from eight to twelve weeks.

For more information on any of the available cosmetic procedures at The Manchester Private Hospital, contact a friendly member of our staff at a convenient time for you.

Brazilian Butt Lift Popularity Soars

Brazilian butt lift, also known as gluteoplasty and buttock augmentation has soared in popularity and the number of enquiries cosmetic surgeons all over the UK are receiving has increased substantially.

With the trend of this cosmetic procedure going viral, members of the general public are discussing in great detail which celebrities and TV stars have let their bottoms go under the knife.

This has not only increased the interest of many women in Manchester and surrounding areas, but also started a desire that was not so popular ten years ago in the UK - a fuller, rounder behind!


So what is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and are there any dangers to be aware of?

A Brazilian butt lift is a combination of one or more cosmetic procedures to create a desired look and more aesthetically pleasing rear end.

The procedures can include any (or all) of the following; implant, liposuction, fat transfer and body contouring.

A specialist surgeon is able to assess each woman on an individual basis and advise on realistic and achievable results, just as they would with other body part enhancement such as breast augmentation.

One of the reasons why this procedure has become popular over the last six to twelve months is presumed to be because of two viral factors:

1. Body and fashion 'trends', whereby having a larger bum is considered a 'better' or 'cooler' look than previous years.

2. Current famous celebrities showing off their larger backsides in the media.

There are a number of different methods used in buttock surgery including; gluteal implants, liposculpting - including fat injection/transfer, and liposuction.

If you are considering surgery on your bottom to reduce, increase or sculpt your behind, here is a simplified outline of the process from start to finish and what to expect. The below details relate to a fat transfer buttock augmentation, which is one of the most popular in 2019.

1. Start the journey with a visit to a specialist surgeon who has the knowledge, skills and experience of performing Brazilian butt lifts.

2. Your surgeon will be able to advise you on what results are possible from one or more procedures, such as fat transfer.

3. On the day of your surgery, your surgeon will mark the areas of your bum where fat may be taken from (amongst other areas including stomach and love handles) ready for transfer to the new site (via injection) to create the look you wish to achieve.

4. Depending on the extent of your procedure, general or local anaesthetic will be used.

5. Fat is taken from the areas of your body so that it can be used to transfer to the new area of your buttocks.

6. Incisions (small cuts) are made (usually the size of a rice grain) in the natural creases so that they are less noticeable.

7. Fat is transferred using syringes.

8. Small incisions are stitched together.

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, it is imperative that you fully trust and know the background of the clinic and surgeon who will perform the procedures.

Brazilian butt lifts have grabbed a few media headlines due to the nature and potential side effects of how the surgery is performed, therefore it is crucial that you only choose a reputable and licensed cosmetic surgeon with experience in this field.

One of the reasons for this is because, there can be serious complications of (buttock fat transfer) if the surgeon injects into the wrong area or allows it to go too deep.

No fat should be injected in to the muscles within the bum as it can cause pain and swelling among other side effects.

So if you are considering butt augmentation using fat transfer, it is always a good starting point to ask your surgeon during a consultation what method they have used in the past and how deep they inject fat.

In addition, choosing a consultant who has previous results and experience of liposuction and body sculpting will achieve most likely provide better long term satisfaction than one who doesn't.

If you like the idea of enhancing your bum and live in or around the Manchester area, pick up the phone and call us any time for a friendly chat:0161 507 8822.