How Does Vaser Lipo Compare With Laser Lipo?

Are you considering liposuction, but are not sure what procedure is right for you?

If you've been researching online, the chances are you've come across two of the most popular liposuction treatments of modern times; Vaser liposuction (aka Vaserlipo) and Laser liposuction (aka Smartlipo).

But what is the difference between the two and which one will work best for you?

Below we look at each liposuction method and run through some comparisons to help you better understand how each procedure works and what it is used for.

vaser lipo procedure


Vaserlipo is considered to be one of the most advanced, minimally invasive fat busting treatments in the industry.

People love it because it works. Results are visible immediately and patients can literally see the success of the fat removal in front of their eyes.

In addition, cosmetic surgeons love it because it has a high patient satisfaction rate and produces long lasting results.

Compared to traditional liposuction, Vaserlipo has far less downtime. However, it does come with some cons as well as pros. For example, Vaserlipo can come with an uncomfortable recovery period depending on the area being treated and requires pain relief medication to curb symptoms.

Also, it is NOT a weight loss solution or a replacement for diet and exercise.

Instead, Vaserlipo is only suitable for people who are as near to their ideal / target bodyweight as possible and is unsuitable for obesity.

Vaserlipo is viewed as more of a body contouring and sculpting treatment, rather than a complete fat removal procedure.

With that said though, the advanced technology of Vaserlipo allows cosmetic surgeons to precisely target problematic fatty areas of the body.

Therefore, because it is impossible to specifically target stubborn fat loss through diet and exercise (fat is distributed evenly around the body), Vaserlipo can offer a solution targeting stubborn fat zones - such as saddle bags and love handles.

SMARTlipo (Laser Lipo)

Smartlipo, is the other popular fat removal procedure, which uses heat as opposed to Vaser that uses ultrasound.

Laser lipo tends to be used on small target areas of fat and breaks it down so that it can be removed using a suction tube, or left in the body to naturally pass through excretion.

It literally melts away fat cells and tightens the skin on the body and face.

The laser (heat) energy causes the skin to contract, which can lead to tightening of the skin, decreased cellulite and fading of stretch marks.

vaser lipo & laser lipo

Some of the laser heat energy can sometimes cause damage to surrounding tissues and is not as accurate or precise as Vaserlipo. However, damage is typically minimal.

A major difference between Vaserlipo and SMARTlipo is the recovery and downtime.

With Vaser, recovery time tends to be shorter because of the precise nature of the treatment and limited damage to surrounding tissues.

Whereas SMARTlipo can sometimes come with a longer recovery time because of the damage caused to surrounding tissues. The more damage that occurs, the more painful the recovery can be and the patient will require stronger pain relief medication.

Vaserlipo, with its precise targeting of fat cells is known for not damaging or affecting any tissue that is not being targeted, such as blood vessels, skin and nerves.

In turn this leads to shorter recovery times because the surrounding tissue is not touched when targeting fat.

One point where both procedures can find common ground however is that they both offer quicker healing and recovery time than traditional liposuction.

Traditional liposuction treatments often require general anaesthetic, rather than local anaesthetic, and it takes the body longer to recovery from.

Vaserlipo and SMARTlipo allow the body to heal quicker and patients can often be back on their feet and resuming normal duties within 24 hours.

Comparison Summary

When comparing VASERlipo with SMARTlipo, it is worth noting the differences, not only in how they target fat, but their overall use, risks, safety and techniques.

- VASERlipo and SMARTlipo both produce less bruising than traditional liposuction.
- Both procedures liquefy fat cells before removal.
- Ultrasound (VASER) is more precise at targeting fat cells.
- SMART uses light / heat energy instead of ultrasound.
- VASER is more selective in the cells it targets.
- Both procedures can tighten the skin.
- Choosing one procedure versus the other is down to personal preference, rather than results.
- Both treatments require a skilled cosmetic surgeon and the level of experience can sometimes affect results.
- Both treatments can be used in conjunction with one another to achieve better fat removal and skin tightening.
- VASERlipo and SMARTlipo require patients to wear compression garments post treatment for maximum results.
- Vaserlipo can provide more symmetry.
- Fat removed by VASERlipo can be transferred to other areas of the body, whereas fat removed using SMARTlipo cannot.

What procedure is best for you?

If you are still unsure or have doubts about whether VASERlipo or SMARTlipo is right for you, book yourself a no obligation consultation with a specialist.

After researching as much information as possible, write down a list of questions to ask so that you can get personalised guidance and specific advice relating to your body and potential target areas.

Dr L Fasano is a liposuction expert who specialises in cosmetic fat removal at the Manchester Private Hospital. He is registered with the GMC - General Medical Council - and has years of experiencing in the field of body sculpting.

Brazilian Butt Lift Popularity Soars

Brazilian butt lift, also known as gluteoplasty and buttock augmentation has soared in popularity and the number of enquiries cosmetic surgeons all over the UK are receiving has increased substantially.

With the trend of this cosmetic procedure going viral, members of the general public are discussing in great detail which celebrities and TV stars have let their bottoms go under the knife.

This has not only increased the interest of many women in Manchester and surrounding areas, but also started a desire that was not so popular ten years ago in the UK - a fuller, rounder behind!


So what is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and are there any dangers to be aware of?

A Brazilian butt lift is a combination of one or more cosmetic procedures to create a desired look and more aesthetically pleasing rear end.

The procedures can include any (or all) of the following; implant, liposuction, fat transfer and body contouring.

A specialist surgeon is able to assess each woman on an individual basis and advise on realistic and achievable results, just as they would with other body part enhancement such as breast augmentation.

One of the reasons why this procedure has become popular over the last six to twelve months is presumed to be because of two viral factors:

1. Body and fashion 'trends', whereby having a larger bum is considered a 'better' or 'cooler' look than previous years.

2. Current famous celebrities showing off their larger backsides in the media.

There are a number of different methods used in buttock surgery including; gluteal implants, liposculpting - including fat injection/transfer, and liposuction.

If you are considering surgery on your bottom to reduce, increase or sculpt your behind, here is a simplified outline of the process from start to finish and what to expect. The below details relate to a fat transfer buttock augmentation, which is one of the most popular in 2019.

1. Start the journey with a visit to a specialist surgeon who has the knowledge, skills and experience of performing Brazilian butt lifts.

2. Your surgeon will be able to advise you on what results are possible from one or more procedures, such as fat transfer.

3. On the day of your surgery, your surgeon will mark the areas of your bum where fat may be taken from (amongst other areas including stomach and love handles) ready for transfer to the new site (via injection) to create the look you wish to achieve.

4. Depending on the extent of your procedure, general or local anaesthetic will be used.

5. Fat is taken from the areas of your body so that it can be used to transfer to the new area of your buttocks.

6. Incisions (small cuts) are made (usually the size of a rice grain) in the natural creases so that they are less noticeable.

7. Fat is transferred using syringes.

8. Small incisions are stitched together.

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, it is imperative that you fully trust and know the background of the clinic and surgeon who will perform the procedures.

Brazilian butt lifts have grabbed a few media headlines due to the nature and potential side effects of how the surgery is performed, therefore it is crucial that you only choose a reputable and licensed cosmetic surgeon with experience in this field.

One of the reasons for this is because, there can be serious complications of (buttock fat transfer) if the surgeon injects into the wrong area or allows it to go too deep.

No fat should be injected in to the muscles within the bum as it can cause pain and swelling among other side effects.

So if you are considering butt augmentation using fat transfer, it is always a good starting point to ask your surgeon during a consultation what method they have used in the past and how deep they inject fat.

In addition, choosing a consultant who has previous results and experience of liposuction and body sculpting will achieve most likely provide better long term satisfaction than one who doesn't.

If you like the idea of enhancing your bum and live in or around the Manchester area, pick up the phone and call us any time for a friendly chat:0161 507 8822.

Get Ready For Summer With Manchester Private Hospital

Is your body ready for summer?

If the answer to this question is no, don't worry - you're not alone.

May is one of the busiest months of the year for lifestyle decisions, including exercise, healthy eating and sensible lifestyle choices (alcohol, smoking etc). All with the primary aim of getting in shape for summer and ensuring their body is at optimum level to bring happiness and boost self confidence.

Being comfortable in your own skin for many people is the key to many things, including self esteem.

Some men and women believe they can't truly relax on holiday unless they have their summer body at a stage where they're at ease before they depart.

However, many factors in life can prevent us all from achieving the true zen figure, whether it is lack of time, long working hours, unsocial employment and even poor metabolism.

If you have always found it a struggle to shift weight, then the Manchester Private Hospital may have the answer.

People all over the North West, England, including Manchester, are opting for minor and major cosmetic surgery procedures to help them on their journey for the perfect summer body.

But is cosmetic surgery cheating? Are you cutting corners?

These are questions only you can answer.

But whether you opt for surgery or spend hours in the gym, often ultimately the outcome is the same.

On the flip side, cosmetic procedures can help you achieve things that regular diet and exercise can't - such as tummy tuck surgery.

In addition, there are certain situations where you may feel that only cosmetic surgery is the answer.

For example, no amount of diet, sit-ups and running on a treadmill will shift a post pregnancy 'pouch' of sagging fat / skin on the lower stomach.

The best way to find out more is to speak with an expert.

Our highly skilled staff are used to dealing with patients on a daily basis who are unsure or have doubts about surgery.

We will never give you false hope and put patient care the forefront of everything we do.

That is why we are always realistic in outlining the results that can be achieved and never set unrealistic goals.

Why are more people turning to cosmetic surgery?

The cosmetic surgery field is only a small portion of the medical industry in general.

However, cosmetic procedures have increased in popularity over the past 15 years.

This is partly down to the widespread attention from reality shows on TV and prominence from the media and their focus on celebrity nip and tucks.

But it's imperative that every patient is assessed on an individual basis to ensure that cosmetic procedures to enhance the body, such as liposuction surgery and breast augmentation, are right for them. This includes being in the right frame of mind and optimum stage of their lives.

Cosmetic surgery can help achieve the summer body you long for, but is often only the answer for those who are prepared to make healthy lifestyle choices and work hard alongside their procedures. For example, undergoing liposuction is not the answer if a patient is going to continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle such as excessive alcoholic consumption and eating takeaway meals every night of the week.

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    How You Can Get The Body Shape You’ve Always Wanted

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the body shape you've always wanted?

    Often people find themselves frustrated at the lack of results when trying to lose weight and it can have a serious knock on effect on mental health and self confidence.

    When men and women embark on a weight loss journey, they get motivated and often put together a timed plan of diet and exercise.

    However, when they reach the end of the planned period, be it 8 or 12 weeks, despite sticking to the plans as best they could, things don't always play out as they had wished.

    Whilst some people are happy with what they have achieved, many people often feel let down and disheartened by the results and some may even have feelings of panic as a life event draws closer, such as a summer holiday or friends wedding.

    If this sounds similar to your story, read on to find out how more people are achieving near body perfection with the shape they've always wanted.


    Removal Of Fat Using Vaser

    When some people hear the word 'surgery', they are instantly put off.

    But cosmetic surgery in 2019 doesn't always mean major operations and months off work.

    Vaser Liposuction is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that can remove fat from your body with minimally invasive technology and very little downtime, meaning you can go about your daily duties almost immediately.

    What's more is, Vaser procedures can specifically target problem areas of the body that prove difficult to shed fat from with diet and / or exercise.

    More and more people in Manchester and across the North West are using Vaser in addition to diet and exercise to sculpt their bodies to get the body shape they've always wanted.

    Vaser lipo can be classed as both non-surgical and surgical depending on the type of fat removal you require and from what areas.

    Procedures are generally performed under local anaesthetic but from time to time general anaesthetic is used.

    Speaking with a Vaser expert will allow you to gain more of an insight in to what results can be achieved for you on an individual and personal level.

    Common target areas for Vaser lipo include; stomach, bum, thigh, hips, chin, back and arms.

    If you ask 100 different people what their 'problem' fat areas are on their body and they will probably give you over 20 different answers. Just as each person has a specific feature about themselves that they like, they will almost always have an area that they are unhappy with and consider problematic.

    If you're based in the Greater Manchester area and are a fan of radio, then you've probably heard the advert for Manchester Private Hospital's Vaser services and how they can help you get the body shape you've always dreamed of.

    Speak with our friendly team today to find out more: 0161 507 8822. To know more about vaser liposuction, please visit: