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Hair Transplant is very commonly offered for men but not uncommon for women. Men and women who are experiencing issues with hair loss consider transplant method for the sake of reversing such effect. Hair restoration is the major objective of undergoing a transplant treatment which deals with root cause of the problem. Popularly known as hair transplant surgery, it can offer a renewed opportunity for those suffering from poor hair growth. In men, it is also known as male pattern baldness that is manifested through untimely or early hair fall. This restoration procedure is done by experienced hair transplant surgeons who offer two types of transplant options. They are FUE and FUT transplant methods. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction where as FUT is nothing but follicular unit transplantation.

When does one need Hair Transplant?

Male pattern baldness is one of the major inductions in men to consider corrective measures. Usually the onset of baldness happens when there is unusual hair loss which could be both random or in a particular pattern. The nature and pattern of hair growth or hair fall are directly related to the health of follicles. It is a very well known fact that the follicles of the head scalp are ultimately responsible for the growth of hair. Indications like hair thinning or receding hairline would convey the fact that the follicles are either becoming non functional or ineffective with time. Transplant is a time tested and credible option to restore the lost potential of the scalp. Technically transplant can be done for the growth of beard and moustache as well. In men, there are many visible and evident patterns that get revealed as they begin to age. When such indications are clear, it would obviously suggest the time to seek consultation for the possibility of a transplant treatment.


Hair Transplant Procedure

The procedure is done under a highly controlled environment by an experienced transplant expert who is well versed with hair restoration treatment. It can be done in a preventive sense as well. When it is offered for helping men and women to treat hair thinning and even situations like hair fall, slight modifications will be done by the primary surgeon.

hair transplant procedure

At first, there will be compatibility analysis done to figure out the suitability of the treatment. Once this phase is through, the harvest of follicles from the healthy regions of the body will be done. This will be followed by the grafting of the same in the regions where follicular growth is found to be deficit. Depending on the type of hair transplant opted by the patient, the transplant surgeon will recommend the method of harvesting and grafting.

Post Surgery Recovery Time

A single session of transplant treatment would take at about four to five hours. Sutures will have to be removed along with the assessment of wound healing after a week’s time. Sometimes it may take up to ten days for immediate recovery post transplant treatment. Possibly there will also be some room for complications or side effects, mostly temporary in nature. During the recovery phase, it is important to ensure special care of the scalp and facial regions where transplant was done.

Post Surgery Maintenance

Once the recovery phase is complete as per the clinical recommendations and satisfactory evaluation, there is no need for high conscious attention over the renewed pattern of hair growth. Normal maintenance with shampooing and natural oils will be adequate with occasional consultation with the cosmetic experts. There may be need for subsequent treatments that will enhance the impact of the transplant. Preserving the positive impact of the hair restoration treatment with routine measures will play a vital role in sustaining the treatment benefits.

Patient Testimonials

I would like to begin by acknowledging the efforts and commitment treatment of the Hair Transplant experts and surgeons at the Manchester Private Hospital. They did a fantastic job in terms of hair restoration by providing me with more than one standard option. It feels good to have more options that can complement each other and it also shows the confidence of the doctors at work. Not only the doctors and treating experts, all the professionals involved in facilitating my hair transplant surgery have displayed a great extent of professional behaviour and care during the course of my treatment. They are genuine in setting up my expectations and have been very transparent in every aspect of the treatment phase along. My follow-up visits after treatment and subsequent therapy sessions are planned in a way they suit my busy schedules which is another reason why one my consider visiting MPH. I’m writing this after three months of my successful hair restoration treatment and I must say the results are pretty visible, bringing more joy and happiness in my life.
Joshua Samuel
Men are most vulnerable to hair loss and it’s a reality some men need to deal with at a very young age. I did have the same disappointing experience when I started to realise the inevitable onset of early baldness. No tactic or measure of hiding my hair could help and it was the time I had to do the possible course correction. Going by the recommendation of a close friend of mine, I did choose to visit Manchester Private Hospital and interacted with experienced transplant surgeons. That conversation had really changed my perspective about hair restoration and possibilities of re-growth. I was pleased to know that the treatment duration and schedules can be planned in a way that I can experience early results with hair restoration. I could witness consistent and positive change in my hair growth pattern and the best part is that it all looks natural. My sincere thanks to the team of experts at Manchester Private Hospital.
Steven John
My pattern of hair loss during the past couple of years turned to be worrisome and with each new day passing by baldness appeared to be evident. During my online search for a credible and reliable hair restoration treatment, I came across Manchester Private Hospital. Even though I browsed through few other similar clinic websites, my imagination was captured by the success stories shared on the MPH website. It was a desperate measure for me to set up an appointment with a hair transplant surgeon which turned out to be a pretty good deal. I was assured of the positive outcome after a thorough assessment and the treatment plan also appeared to be pretty ambitious. The counselling team was very helpful during the preparatory phase in the run up to my transplant treatment. At the same time, the treating physicians were monitoring the key parameters that matter the most in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Thanks to Manchester Private Hospital, I have many reasons to feel good about myself as I look into the mirror every day.
Andrew Smith
Receding hairline used to be a thing of the past as far as I’m concerned and its all thanks to Hair Transplant Surgery and Manchester Private Hospital. I did try many natural methods that are otherwise good quality products. But, the truth I came to know is that the natural products have got limited scope when it comes to hair restoration. It needs a scientific approach which is possible with cosmetology. The recommendations of hair transplant programme are very specific in terms of the hair restoration possibilities and they are all standardised across the world. After going through the data and evidence along the stories of happy customers at Manchester Private Hospital, I had no reason to hold back. After the treatment is successfully done, I could experience healthy and desirable hair growth which seemed impossible few years ago. I’m absolutely happy and definitely recommend Hair Transplant and MPH. They are very professional, genuine and transparent in their approach.
Simon Mark

Hair Transplant - FAQs

Treatment time varies from patient to patient depending on the size of the hair restoration area. Procedures are usually started and finished the same day, but in some cases may take several days.

No. procedures are for both men and women.

This depends on the treatment area and the size of the individuals head or body. A minimum of 1000 is recommended.

Yes. Results are designed to appear natural looking as if the hair has never been lost and has naturally grown in place from the start.

Patients should consider having one week off work to recover and avoid exercise of activity that may interfere with the area.

Hair Transplant - Price

The price for FUE and FUT hair transplant is £3 per graft, with the minimum graft number being 1000.

Every patient is different and pricing can vary depending on your needs and the size of the area being treated.


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