Otoplasty surgery overview

Otoplasty, also known as ear correction surgery, is the cosmetic procedure that is designed to change the appearance or defects of the ear (auricle).

Surgery can change the shape and / or size of the ears along with reducing how much they stick out, commonly referred to as pinning back.

The procedure, which can involve pinning the ears back to the head can be carried out at any age over the age of five.

Otoplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure because defects often do not impact on the ear function or hearing. Therefore, those seeking to improve the way their ears look is a decision made purely for cosmetic reasons.

The ear is made up of three sections; inner, middle and external. Otoplasty only involves the external outer ear, also known as the pinna.

The pinna is made up of cartilage and skin, which during surgery can be altered or removed to a more desired position.

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