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arm lift before and after uk
arm lift before and after
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brachioplasty before and after
brachioplasty before and after 1

Arm Lift Surgery Overview

Arm lift surgery, medically known as brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the contour of the upper arm.

Brachioplasty is performed to reduce or remove excess fat and skin often left behind after weight loss, but sometimes caused by ageing and genetics.

Also known as 'bingo wings', the upper arms are a common problem area for many women and men who feel they suffer from stubborn fat that is hard to reduce through diet and exercise alone.

During arm lift surgery, one or more cosmetic methods can be carried out on the arms, such as liposuction and excision, to achieve the desired goals and results.

It is common for cosmetic surgeons to combine methods to help achieve the perfect arm contour that improves patient confidence and boosts self esteem.

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