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When a toenail has ingrown, often the only way to treat it is to have the nail fully or partially removed. We offer this service quickly and conveniently in our state of the art minor operations clinic.

Why Have Toenail Removal?

As well as being painful, some people find ingrown toenails unsightly and therefore have difficulty finding appropriate footwear. The skin surrounding the nail can become infected leading to increased pain and sometimes complications.

What Does Toenail Removal Involve?

Most of the time, either part or the entire nail needs to be removed. This is performed under local anaesthetic (meaning you will be awake for the procedure but will not feel any pain). There are two main ways of removing the nail; either by cutting it out or by using a chemical to dissolve it. We will discuss your treatment options with you fully during your consultation with your surgeon.


Following the procedure, we will apply a dressing and you will be advised to keep the area clean and dry for a week. If there were signs of infection, you may be prescribed antibiotics.
After the procedure, the nail may grow back in a different shape or narrower than the original nail.


All procedures at The Manchester Private Hospital are completely confidential. For continuation of care, we will automatically let your GP know about any consultations, tests, results, referrals or advice given. If you would prefer us not to do this, please let us know and we will not disclose the above.

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