For a little reassurance when you need it most

Sometimes a little reassurance and a second opinion can go a long way if you have concerns about your health. It can sometimes be difficult to fully relax and chat openly to your GP for a number of reasons including time pressures and your GPs demeanour. If so, our Second Opinion Service may help.

Why Have a Second Opinion?

If you have a niggling health concern that you don’t feel has been fully addressed by your GP, or perhaps you have an embarrassing problem that you’d rather not discuss with your family Doctor. Maybe you feel that you haven’t been able to access a scan, test or specialist opinion that you feel you need. Or, if you’d just like another opinion to put your mind at ease, The Manchester Private Hospital can help.

What Does the Second Opinion Service Involve?

You will have a full consultation and examination (if applicable) with one of our team of friendly Doctors. Following this, he or she will recommend any scans or tests required; any specialist input they think is relevant and offer you a provisional diagnosis if possible with the different treatment options available.

The aim of this service is to fully listen to your problems and make recommendations based on what is best for your health. With this in mind, we recommend you come to the consultation with plenty of questions (written down if needed), especially if you feel some of your queries were not answered by your GP. We will answer all and any of your questions fully and honestly in a way that you can understand.

Many of the tests we may recommend can be conducted on site. For tests conducted off site or specialist opinions, we can normally access these services quickly, helping cut waiting times and access the services and specialists as quickly as possible.

Common Symptoms Requiring a Second Opinion

  • Lumps or bumps on the body
  • Bowel symptoms
  • Strange non straightforward symptoms or groups of seemingly unrelated symptoms
  • Cancer worries
  • Family history worries
  • Mental health problems
  • Chronic disease management plans
  • Medication or treatment plan checks


All consultations and tests at The Manchester Private Hospital are completely confidential. We will not tell your GP (or anyone else) that you have had a consultation or any treatments/test results. Although we recommend you let your GP know, we will not do this without your consent.

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Finance Options

The Manchester Private Hospital has a range of finance options to help you manage the cost of your treatment.

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