Breast implant size is taken into consideration in accordance with the following aspects:⁣⁣
1. Your body shape and frame size as to whether you have narrow or broad chest
2. The size and the shape of your breasts at the time of consultation⁣⁣

3. Whether your breast is sagging or drooping; the type of breast implant is chosen ie. Teardrop shaped implants have more volume in the lower half and the round implants give an overall fuller look

breast augmentation

4. The breast implant profile choice is determined in relation to your current breast tissue ie. moderate implant or higher implant in terms of how full the breasts look at the time of consultation.
5. Lifestyle factors and physical activities⁣⁣

6. Type of implants and their complications also need to be factored in.⁣⁣
Remember that mentoring for the correct breast size is a necessary aspect for the expert who will give you the correct breast implant size analysis.⁣⁣

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