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Tummy Tuck is ideally one of the best ways for women to begin with their journey with Vaser Liposuction or body toning with cosmetic surgery. Tummy shape and structure can really impact the overall look and beauty of a woman, it is important for good reasons. Unfortunately many women fail to maintain the ideal shape because of overgrown tummy. It is also one of the major reasons for cause and worry in women who ultimately get into various psychological situations. Unable to control the size of a bulgy tummy with regular exercises will further strengthen the case for considering cosmetic surgery which is driven by the recommendations of scientific fat removal.

tummy tuck

Female tummy tuck is one of the on demand therapies offered at Manchester Private Hospital. By implying the best measures of Vaser Liposuction techniques, our surgeons will offer an ideal fat removal plan which can eventually lead to the reduction of tummy to an ideal size. Healthy women without any major abnormalities are candidates for this treatment. Those who are considering weight loss can also look at complimenting their pre defined plans with tummy tuck. If you are obese and overweight beyond the recommended limits, it is important for you to have an in-depth discussion about the prospects of cosmetic treatment with your consultant. You can ideally make use of the fee consultation at our clinic when you visit us.

The entire procedure is driven by the objective of achieving a substantive fat loss and it may take around five hours to complete. It will be done after administering anaesthesia under the careful watch of cosmetic surgery professionals. Along with fat removal, toning up the loose skin will be done simultaneously as part of the procedure. Various personalised enhancements can be offered depending the need and suitability.

Core benefits of female tummy tuck

It’s a restorative therapy that helps women regain their lost shape and structure due to multiple factors including age and neglected care. By virtue of its outcome, this treatment is preferred by females to regain confidence and high levels of comfort. It simply restores and rejuvenates youthful outlook which is not possible with any other competitive treatment from a comprehensive perspective. By simultaneously dealing with skin and muscles, this treatment has more value addition to offer. It actually goes beyond the purpose of fat reduction, aiding in the process of muscle and skin toning. It is one of the best methods preferred by women to reverse the negative effects of aging and ultimately experiencing new kind of life by going back to younger selves. It helps in personality development as well as improving impressive social and public behaviour. Moreover, it allows women to choose what to wear without any apprehension or hesitation. By reviewing the past performance of our canter and surgeons, one can be sure of what to expect both from the therapy as well as MPH.

Recovery phase and recommendations

The recovery process after a tummy tuck procedure is neither too complex, nor too simple. There is no need to be over conscious or cautious about it as long as the basic recommendations are followed in a timely manner. It requires limited physical activity for at least one week after the treatment along with constraint over diet. A lot of it also depends on the quality of cosmetic procedure. If the recovery phase is taking longer than expected, it would eventually mean that something lacks in terms of the procedure. Our differentiation is very clear in this aspect as the treatment planning clearly includes the time to recovery and the same will be communicated with our clients’ right at the beginning of treatment schedule.


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