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Every treatment modality in the world of cosmetic surgery has its own significance, impacting the group of patients who exclusively benefit from it. FUT Hair Transplant procedure for the sake of restoring the lost capacity of head scalp is certainly one such notable solution. Adult men of all age groups can consider hair restoration treatment as a credible option to stay relevant with times, no matter how fast they are aging. It is also important to be aware of the fact that age may be one of the factors that cause hair loss, but it is not an exclusive factor.

The risk factors for untimely or undesirable pattern of hair loss vary from heredity to exposure to unfavourable external conditions. It all happens like a splash from the time you notice any aspect of hair loss that seemingly unusual till such time baldness is clearly evident in men. Unless there are adequate measures in place to check such unusual pattern leading to baldness, it is more or less clear that preventive options are limited.

Even though people prefer to give into preventive therapies, it is important to be realistic when it comes to treating baldness as cosmetic restoration through Hair Transplant is one of the very few available options. To that effect, it makes a lot of sense to go by the time-tested solutions and it only works well when such solutions are clubbed with advanced features. The therapy solutions we offer at our Manchester transplant clinic are on par with international standards, assuring the best possible outcomes at every instance.

When it’s all clear and obvious that undergoing a transplant procedure can offer better prospects and when you make up your mind about going for it, naturally the question about which of the transplant treatments to choose from would arise. There are two types of it; FUT Hair Transplant is popular for quite a few advantages it offers to the patients.

Finer advantages and benefits of FUT Hair Transplant therapy

The Follicular Unit Transplantation, also known as strip transplant is often referred as FUT procedure of Hair Transplant which is very popular in Manchester. Our speciality clinic in the city of Manchester has all the modernised amenities apart from the world class treatment facilities, overseen by experts of high calibre and experience. It is exciting to know more about the strip harvest method of extracting healthy hair follicles for the purpose of rejuvenating the potential of scalp in men who are experiencing baldness and hair loss.

By selectively identifying and surgically removing a fine strip of scalp from the rear portion of head, the transplant experts exploit the maximum possible of collecting and preserving healthy follicles.

Hair restoration can be simplified by relating it with any natural process of replanting lively elements in the space of dead or defunct elements. Hair follicles are nothing but those key elements that are deeply rooted in the scalp region which are ultimately responsible for hair growth. When undesirable hair fall is noticed, it only indicates the deficiency in the number and functioning of the follicular cells.

By simply replacing the defunct follicles by the healthy and potent ones extracted from strip harvesting, the transplant surgeons can successfully induce the re-growth process. This eventually causes the restored functioning of the head scalp in a time bound manner, as even determined by the treatment planning.

Preparing for a renewed look with FUT Hair Transplant

The technical advantages of the procedure can be translated into realistic benefits for men and women who seek a renewed impression of their hair. You would agree that baldness can lead to numerous psychological situations that will further impact the confidence and diligent behaviour of anybody in a negative sense. The ultimate solution available in terms of transplant procedure for restorative purpose can be the real answer to all the apprehensions and disappointments.

As a patient centric clinic, we have the responsibility of making a full disclosure about the treatment modalities, intricacies of procedure and risks or challenges associated with the treatment. Specifically from the point of view of strip harvest method, the patients need to be aware of the fact that there will be a scary impression left out immediately after the procedure is done. It takes time for it to heal completely and the advantage of it is of course the nature of hair growth that would eventually cover the scar.

All the precautions would be taken to ensure the pain and discomfort are minimised, but it is imperative as part of any surgical procedure to have certain complexities as part of the procedure. The real question one should be asking as a patient is if the team of transplant experts at work are well equipped to deal with any possible complication while keeping alive the scope of the desired outcome. Our all inclusive Manchester clinic for Hair Transplant is indeed a well balanced set up to ensure your safety as well as restorative outcome.


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