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Popular among adult men of all age groups, FUE Hair Transplant is recommend by transplant and cosmetic surgery experts for handful of positive reasons. Our transplant clinic at Manchester has modern facilities to offer to those aspiring to put an end to early hair fall pattern. Such trends or patterns of hair loss leading to baldness have a huge impact on men’s health and wellbeing in many ways.

It is also important to note that uneven or early loss of hair is not a pattern exclusive to men alone, women to tend to experience baldness.

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But, considering the incidence and prevalence, male pattern gets more focus and attention and the reasons are pretty obvious. Hair Transplant as a premium therapy option becomes inevitable at some point of time, especially of the objective is to achieve moderate to complete restoration. It doesn’t have to be specially mentioned that transplant therapy is the only effective option for hair restoration, going by the science of cosmetology.

There are few alternatives when it comes to preventive purposes, many times timely intervention works when it comes to preventing a complex situation. Cosmetic solutions are well classified in terms of preventive and restorative purposes. Your passion to get back to your younger days of healthy scalp and hair can be brought to life through our advanced transplant treatment solutions in Manchester.

What is unique about FUE Hair Transplant procedure?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and the transplant procedure associated with the extraction and harvest of individual follicular units is generally referred as FUE Hair Transplant. In most of the cases, it is the rejuvenation or restoration of the head scalp’s potential that is targeted through a transplant surgery or therapy. However, in the recent times, facial hair restoration is gaining more popularity with men are giving into exploring cosmetic methods to achieve desired growth of beard and moustaches.

FUE is one of the two popular methods when it comes to cosmetic intervention focused on re-growth of hair. The other procedure is FUT transplant which is also quite appropriate in the process of scalp rejuvenation.

The whole process or cycle of achieving restoration or arresting further hair loss revolves around the logic of follicular health and wellness. The hair follicles that originate from deep within the scalp region are ultimately responsible for the generation, growth and sustenance of each of the hair strands. When disproportionate loss of hair happens which is indeed a precursor to baldness, typically the functioning of these follicles must have been adversely affected. In most of the cases, they become redundant and even non-functional.

FUE Hair Transplant would ultimately aim at improving the presence and sustenance of healthy follicles in the scalp region. As part of the procedure, the transplant experts will first harvest follicles from the healthy regions of the scalp and other hair growing parts of the body like chest. The same will be strategically planted in the deficient regions of the scalp where the hair growth is either abnormal or suspended. Once the grafting is complete and transplant procedure is declared to be successful, patients will start experiencing positive results and it may take few weeks time to recognise the new growth pattern.

Making the most of your FUE Hair Transplant by making smart moves

As a lifestyle and personality enthusiast, you would pretty well know how important to get everything right when you invest in something like a transplant procedure. The foremost important thing for you to consider is the choice of transplant clinic and experts that would hold the key to a desirable outcome.

In Manchester, our clinic has a great reputation of facilitating top class customer service with high quality medical and cosmetic interventions. Our facility is well equipped with the advanced equipment along with the team professionals with exemplary expertise in overseeing the comprehensive treatment. Consultation about making your treatment personal is another important aspect that determines the direction of the entire restorative therapy.

When it comes to us, a lot of planning we do depends on your priorities and how you prefer to go ahead with experiencing the enormous benefits offered by Hair Transplant treatment in Manchester. By considering your preferences and putting them into context of what the cosmetic science can offer in totality, you treatment consultants will devise a very specific transplant therapy plan which is also time-bound.

If you are visiting our clinic at an early phase of hair loss or even before that by alarmed by the symptoms of unusual hair fall, the treatment recommendations shall be more focused on preventing further damage while restoring what is lost. On the other hand, if you are staring at baldness with degenerated scalp, a comprehensive restorative treatment will be recommended. Talk to the experts at our Manchester clinic for personalised advice and suggestions.


FUE Hair Transplant - FAQs

Hair Transplant is a highly sophisticated treatment that makes use to healthy follicles and graft the same in the regions targeted for hair restoration.
Hair Transplant treatment is not restricted or limited for men alone, women can very well opt for the treatment.
Hair Transplant therapy is recommended to treat baldness as well as various other conditions like hair thinning or hair loss. Depending on the assessment of your hair growth or baldness pattern, your surgeon will recommend the kind of follicles to be extracted for transplant purpose.
When you choose a proficient and highly skilled surgeon, you can be assured of naturally appearing results and outcome after the successful completion of the transplant procedure.
The treatment is offered to help you with permanent results and to that effect your surgeon will carefully pick up the healthier follicles that would remain productive for long.
It is better to consider one week as the time required for recovery after the therapy. It is also advised to stay away from strenuous activities and heavy physical work.
Hair Transplant is definitely one of the most effective cosmetic treatment options. But, according to your preferences and best advice from your treating physician, you can opt for treatments like PRP and few other natural products.
Usually you are clearly recommended about the duration of the therapy along with the time required for the preparatory and recovery phases. To fly or not to fly is the decision you would take based on your consultation with your team of surgeons attending to you.
You must be minimum 18 years to seek consultation on your own and undergo the Hair Transplant therapy.
You can very well seek a second opinion as and when you prefer before finalising your treatment schedule.
It is common to have apprehensions about the credentials of the surgeons operating on you. However, be assured that all our surgeons are GMC (General Medical Council) registered. They are also trained in specific areas of excellence by the guidelines of the respective medical boards.
Manchester Private Hospital is reputed and known for its presence in all the major cities of UK.

FUE Hair Transplant - Patients Stories


Emma Esther

When I first heard about the provisions and possible advantages of Hair Transplant, I wasn’t sure if I should go for it. I had two major apprehensions, one is obviously about the cost and the other one is about its real effectiveness. Will it really work the way it has been projected? But, when I choose to personally find out about all the aspects of hair restoration, I came across Manchester Private Hospital, it was such a blessing in many ways. The doctors and surgeons out there were very helpful in clearing all my doubts and more importantly I found the much needed confidence in the clinic after taking a look at their facility. Now, after few months of my treatment at MPH, I’m certainly happy and satisfied for what I gifted to myself through Hair Transplant.

Robin John

Early baldness is really something no man would prefer to deal with. I was more than depressed when it became anything but obvious that my male pattern baldness is a reality and my scalp has no more natural ability to produce new and healthy hair. After I accepted the reality and wanted to do something about it, I also learned that many of the hair restoration treatments and products available in the market do not provide any guarantee which was even more disturbing. When I finally landed up at Manchester Private Hospital, I truly felt there is a ray of hope. It’s also thanks to the advanced treatments like Hair Transplant Therapy. After the consultation sessions were done, I readily opted for the treatment and the outcome makes me a happy man, just the way I used to be.

Ruben Mark

When I read about Hair Transplant treatment for the purpose of hair restoration, I certainly had mixed impression about going for it. I was like any other person with a very limited knowledge about cosmetology and healthcare. But, it was also important for me to make a fair assessment about the real outcome of such a treatment before agreeing to go ahead with it. After doing an extensive research online, I made up my mind to visit a nearby clinic which happens to be the Manchester Private Hospital. Along with the free consultation, I was really impressed with the real-time examples of people who underwent Hair Transplant. It was definitely a clear transformation process from hair loss to hair restoration. My experience was also similar to that of many others who found immense benefit in this treatment. I’m absolutely happy and content with the pattern of my hair growth after few weeks of the treatment and I’m very thankful to MPH.

Deborah Rose

Hair loss and balding are among the most disturbing ideas and it would be more depressing when they happen to you. I’m definitely not one of those who would be fine with whatever happen to me, especially when I know it’s not something nice and desirable. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that I love myself and it’s pretty natural with me. I always knew that hair loss is a reality which is age dependent. But, when I started to recognise my own hair thinning and gradual loss at a very young age while I was just into my twenties, it was a huge concern for me to deal with. It never occurred to me before that early hair loss and balding are real situations, not really limited by age. It was also the time I happened to get some advice from my friends who suggested me to for cosmetic restoration of hair. I was fine with it and my only hope and concern at the same time was it shouldn’t worsen my condition. I did go through few phases of active consultation and exchange of expectations with surgeons at Manchester Private Hospital. It was very productive and motivating at the same time. My decision to go in for a transplant treatment was completely backed by data and scientific reasoning behind hair transplant as a credible hair restoration. Not surprisingly, the treatment was very effective in helping me to gain back all my lost charm and beauty.

Andrew Lawrence

As a professional artist, I need to maintain a well defined and differentiated personality to stay relevant and impressive at my work. Well groomed hair is not an option and that was exactly the time when I started to notice an unusual hair fall. I was advised to meet cosmetic experts to rectify before it was any delayed and that brought me to the Manchester Private Hospital. It was a wise decision as any delay would have advanced my male pattern baldness. I was treated for hair thinning by the experts out there and was also given the option to proactively consider Hair Transplant. After careful thought and further consultation, I decided to get my transplant done without any delay. The whole procedure was carefully panned and implemented in a much personalised manner which helped me to stay the course as far as my professional career is concerned.

FUE Hair Transplant - Price

FUE Hair transplant - £3 a graft for minimum of 1000 grafts

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