About Ear Correction

Ear correction is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthetic, undertaken by a specialist cosmetic Surgeon.

Why consider ear correction?

Prominent or “sticking-out” ears are a common problem affecting many people. Some people find that it affects their self-confidence and makes them feel uncomfortable in social situations. Ear correction, or otoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can remedy this. The surgery can be performed on teenagers or adults and can also correct deformed or enlarged ear lobes.


What does otoplasty involve?

Ear correction is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthetic, undertaken by a specialist cosmetic Surgeon. Incisions are made behind the ear, so any scarring will be minimal and discreet. The Surgeon will then reshape the cartilage to give it an appealing look. It normally takes approximately 2 hours and, in most cases, you will go home the same day.

What can I expect after the surgery?

You should expect to feel bruised and sore for a few days after your surgery, but this is normally easily managed with simple analgesia. Your ears will be covered by a dressing for the first few days; we will remove this at your first aftercare appointment. To aid healing, and to make sure the ears are protected, we will issue you with a protective headband to wear while you are sleeping for 4-6 weeks following surgery.

What kind of aftercare will I get?

The Manchester Private Hospital’s unique Aftercare Policy means that you can attain your dream body with peace of mind. It includes unlimited post-operative appointments and revisional surgery where clinically indicated.

The Manchester Private Hospital‘s discretion policy

The Manchester Private Hospital’s unique Aftercare Policy means that you can attain your dream body with peace of mind. It includes unlimited post operative appointments and revisional surgery where clinically indicated. For more details, see our Aftercare Page.


Breast Enhancement Surgery - FAQs

What is the duration of the procedure?
Usually the procedure is slated for 90 minutes. It may vary depending on various circumstances and complications associated with your state of health. Time to recovery is a different phase after the completion of the core procedure.
Can I expect permanent results?
The results you experience after the surgery are permanent in nature when it comes to breast enlargement. However, you may expect change in your breasts shape in situations like weight loss or pregnancy.
How long shall I stay away from work?
It usually takes one week’s time for proper recovery if all the key recommendations are followed. Therefore, you can plan to get back to work after one week of the surgery. This is very important if your work involves routine physical activity.
Is the Enlargement Surgery the only option?
Going by the time tested solutions offered by Cosmetology, Breast Enlargement Surgery has been the only credible solution as experienced by many women in the past.
Can this procedure be done in combination with other surgeries?
Simultaneously surgeries do have their own set of complications. Depending on the nature of the other surgery you are planning for, the cosmetic surgery experts will recommend if you can combine it with Breast Enlargement Surgery or not.
Do I get to choose the type of implants used in the surgery?
Absolutely, you can make your choice clear to your surgeon. It is better to explore all the options and align your liking with expert advice.
How will the surgery affect my sensation?
The area on which the surgery is done will be affected just as in the case of any other surgical procedure. Our surgeons will take all the necessary precautions to preserve sensitivity and sensation. But, when cuts are made, they are normally bound to impact the nerves that are responsible for keeping the sensation intact.
Can I fly immediately after the surgery?
A lot of it depends on your surgeon’s advice as well as the insurance provider’s recommendations. Not going by the technicalities, you will find it comfortable to stay closer to one of our clinic locations at least for a week after the surgery.
Is there any age restriction for me to undergo Breast Enlargement Surgery?
You must be 18 years old to opt for the treatment; apart from that there is no restriction in terms of the age.
What if I want to seek a second opinion?
Second opinion is your right. You can feel free to express your concerns and reservations with us anytime.
What are the qualifications of your surgeons practicing Breast Enlargement Surgery?

All the surgeons and cosmetic care professionals we recommended are duly qualified and accredited by the respective boards. They also are registered members of General Medical Council (GMC).

Breast Enlargement - Patient Stories


Eva Smith

My experience of undergoing a Boob Job at Manchester Private Hospital was definitely memorable. I was little apprehensive about the whole thing before fixing up my appointment with the Breast Enlargement Surgeon. I must admit, it was the free counselling which gave me enough motivation to re-look at myself and of course believe my breasts can look different with Breast Enhancement. It’s been a month after I decided to go in for it and I’m absolutely happy about my choice of treatment and the clinic. Thanks to Manchester Private Hospital.

Isla Williams

I came across the Manchester Private Hospital’s website and felt good about their work in the area of Breast Enlargement Surgery. It was also the time when I was looking for a better option to enhance the image of my breasts as I also understood that there was no way my boobs would grow any further by natural means. It was more or less inevitable that I must opt for a cosmetic enlargement procedure and fortunately breast enhancement came across to me like a safe and reliable treatment. My initial phase of flirting with the idea of going ahead with the treatment was difficult. But for the patient counselling and motivation I received from the experts at the hospital I wouldn’t have readily opted for it. The whole treatment procedure went on well with best possible support and care by the team of cosmetic professionals at MPH. I’m glad I came across this option and I love my new set of breasts after the augmentation therapy.

Matilda Wilson

Even though I always wanted to give it a shot at Breast Enlargement Surgery in London, I never had enough motivation to go for it. Needless to mention that I used to be utterly dissatisfied with the size of my breasts, adding more stress to my life which was already troubled with few other challenges. There used be a lot of negative psychological impact with mixed set of emotions and I had to come to terms with the fact that cosmetic way of Breast Enhancement could be the only option. When I made that effort to walk into the Manchester Private Hospital and interacted with the team of experts, I knew it was worth taking the risk, even if it may seem so. The outcome was excellent and the surgeons out there did a fantastic job in making me feel great about my own self, yet again. To my impression, the facilities and professional medical services they offer at the hospital were outstanding. Along with fuller and bigger breasts, I also experience great sense of satisfaction which continues to motivate me in many ways.

Sarah Jones

From the time I knew Breast Enlargement Surgery would be the best bet for me to revive my youthful appeal, I was looking around for the best centre in the city. It takes a lot of effort to scrutinise from the various options and it’s obvious from my initial impression that I was walking into the Manchester Private Hospital to explore more. I did want to get first hand information and validate their claims. Thankfully I found the people at cosmetic clinic friendly and approachable. The consultation session was very productive and even realistic which made me to opt for getting my Breast Enhancement done at MPH. That was a decision I may never regret and will remain memorable for long as the results are pretty close to my expectations. The entire process of counselling and post therapy guidance had helped me to stay focused and experience the best outcome within few weeks of my treatment.

Angela Mendes

All through my teens I was hoping to have round and big breasts by the time I reach my twenties. With every year passing by, I was only left with disappointment not only with the size of my breasts but also with their positioning. I wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with normal growth of a female as I was always healthy without any major health related issues. Then I came across the possibility of achieving the ideal shape, size and structure of my breasts through cosmetic procedures. I certainly wanted to go for it because it was the only troubling reason I had at that time. Interacting with the experts at Manchester Private Hospital helped me at lot in making up my mind about Breast Enhancement procedure, right preparation before the surgery and fast recovery post treatment. Experts out here are very practical in their approach. Overall the results are really amusing, making me feel great and awesome about myself. I definitely recommend this clinic for all sorts of Boob Jobs and other cosmetic therapies they offer.

Otoplasty - Price

Otoplasty – Unilateral
Otoplasty – Unilateral Surgery start from £1,990
Otoplasty – Bilateral
Otoplasty – Bilateral surgery start from £2,400

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