How Much Is A Boob Job

boob job price in manchester

One of the most common searched for cosmetic procedures in the UK is a boob job.

Many women up and down the country want to ask the question how much is a boob job without actually committing themselves to any particular clinic or surgery.

However, breast augmentation procedure costs can vary and (depending on the clinic), may not be the complete cost - instead only being part of the total cost.

boob job cost

Price Exclusions

Some clinics in the UK exclude associated costs from their initial quotation such as medication and room facilities.

The reason that some costs are excluded from the total price is because each patient is different and some patients may have more associated costs than others.

For example, for relatively straight forward procedures, the patient may be able to return home the same day as their surgery - with no overnight stay in hospital required.

This ultimately affects the price of a boob job because there are less services provided by the cosmetic clinic / hospital.

When researching a cosmetic surgeon for the first time, be sure to make a note of all associated boob job costs so that you can get a truly transparent figure to base your decision on and compare it with other clinics.

Boob job associated costs may include:

- Cosmetic surgeon fee
- Clinic / hospital facility
- Anaesthetic
- Medical tests
- Aftercare medication
- Post surgery clothing

If you write down the list of costs involved in undergoing surgery on your breasts then you will be better informed to ask questions during your consultation and ensure you get a transparent pricing structure from your cosmetic surgery clinic.

Are Boob Jobs in Manchester Expensive?

Whether you are based in Manchester or nearby in surrounding areas, we are able to tailor a bespoke cosmetic procedure to suit your needs and goals.

With this said, it is difficult to provide an exact price before consultation as each patient is assessed on a per patient basis.
On average, our patients pay for surgery from £3490 for a boob job (breast augmentation), but it really does depend on the patient.

In addition, it is worth noting that any reputable cosmetic surgery clinic should never promise a fixed price until they know all the facts about your individual circumstances and realistic goals. And you ought to be wary of clinics who do provide you with a set price without meeting you first.

Breaking Down The Cost of a Boob Job

Following a consultation and assessment with a cosmetic surgeon, the first step to take when discussing your price is what exactly it includes and if anything will be added between now and your surgery date.

Some clinics may leave out any extras, recovery aids and even the surgeon fees in order to look more competitive on pricing.

Spending additional time breaking down your boob job price initially could save you time and nasty surprises later on.

Additionally, if the total cost of your surgery sounds cheap then always bear in mind the phrase 'too good to be true'. When you consider the knowledge you now have on what is involved in a boob job, ask yourself why the price is significantly cheaper than other clinics and how are they managing to undercut the others by so much.

A good way to measure the reputability of a clinic and their pricing structure is to attend other consultations with other cosmetic surgeons on a like for like basis. Once you are assessed individually for the same procedure with everything factored in, how does the price fair up?

Lastly; if you like the initial surgeon and clinic who provided the original price and the cost sounds good to you, try and speak with real previous patients / customers of the clinic to hear their experiences before committing yourself to surgery. Facebook is a great place to start as many people often leave reviews and ratings - sharing their patient experiences both positive and negative with the online world.

Ultimately, it is difficult to say exactly how much a boob job will cost without attending a consultation first. Sometimes the total cost can be a reflection of how good your cosmetic surgeon is, however as important as it can initially sound, cost should not be the absolute deciding factor for breast augmentation surgery.

If you want to get the ball rolling but are unsure where to start, call our team today 0161 507 8822 for friendly, helpful advice that can take the weight off your shoulders and provide you with some peace of mind and clarity. To know more about boob job, please visit:

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