What Is The Wisdom Tooth Look?

A current trend in cosmetic surgery has recently gone viral known as the 'wisdom tooth' look.

But what is it and why are women looking it up on search engines and social media?

The wisdom tooth look is a body appearance that is one step further than the classic hourglass shape that many women aspire towards.

A 'craze' has recently spread around the usual online channels due to many celebrities having recently been photographed sporting the look, which many females are loving on both sides of the pond in the US and UK.

Main criteria for the new viral trend is a thin waist, streamlined legs with thigh gap, and a large buttocks.

One of the reasons why this look is known as the 'wisdom tooth' is because all factors combined give the appearance of a wisdom tooth - tapered in at the tops of the leg (thighs) and a bulges out at the sides.

Celebrities and Instagram stars are showcasing their photographs of the new look, enhanced by multiple cosmetic procedures.

The cosmetic procedures involved in creating the wisdom tooth figure are:

In addition to the above, some women are also going one step further and undergoing breast augmentation and breast uplift

However, despite the body transformation, many are not admitting to surgery, instead only coming clean about minor procedures such as botox and fillers.

Whilst a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a more desired figure, many members of the general public are not convinced surgery has not been involved.

For example, to increase the chances of a thigh gap without significant weight loss, liposuction or vaser liposuction is a potential cosmetic procedure that can suck out unwanted fat and sculpt the top area of the legs. Thus creating a thigh gap - where the tops of the legs do not touch.

In addition to this, Vaser can also be used on the flanks with possible butt-lift to enhance the backside. Buttlifts are popular at the moment due to photographs showcasing what can be achieved with either fat transfer or implant buttlift (also known as gluteoplasty).

Fat can be taken from other areas of the body and injected into a woman's bum region.

Fat that is unwanted usually comes from the stomach or thighs and used elsewhere.

One of the reasons why fat transfer is a preferred method of enhancement is because it is the individuals own tissue that is used - so the body has less chance of rejecting it as a foreign object or causing complications from scar tissue.

In addition, it also provides better results in some circumstances with a more natural and soft result.

However, when performing fat transfer buttlift surgery, it is absolutely imperative that the surgeon performing the procedure has the skills and experience of doing so due to the complexity of the operation.

Following a 'Wisdom Tooth' cosmetic surgery procedure, results can be visible from eight to twelve weeks.

For more information on any of the available cosmetic procedures at The Manchester Private Hospital, contact a friendly member of our staff at a convenient time for you.

Post-operative compression garments

Post-operative compression garments

The success of any plastic surgery is reliant upon not only the skill of the surgeon but also the quality of aftercare; Compression therapy forms a large part of this process and is crucial for satisfactory healing. Wearing the correct garment post-operatively is proven to speed up the healing process and minimise swelling and bruising, as well as reducing pain. The correct level of compression limits the risk of blood clots, haematomas and seromas and prevents the excess fluid accumulation, commonly known as swelling.

For those reasons, compression garments are an important part of the surgery. Patients wearing compression garments after plastic surgery have been reported to have more satisfactory results.

Post-operative compression garments help to keep a constant and uniform pressure on the skin and deeper tissues after the procedure and eliminate swelling caused by possible accumulation of fluid. The right pressure and support are essential to produce optimal healing.

mini tummy tuck manchester

Because patients are significantly less mobile after surgery, that is why we at Manchester Private Hospital are providing our patients with LIPOELASTIC® compression garments that offer different types of fastening and styles to meet all patients’ needs. All garments were designed upon the specific request of top specialists in the field and properly tested. LIPOELASTIC manufactures garments to make it easy to put on and wear; they can be worn throughout the entire recovery period without causing discomfort or interrupting any activity or daily living.

In cooperation with LIPOELASTIC our patients can get an exclusive 10% discount on any order made online by applying MPH10 code.
Shop at https://www.lipoelastic.co.uk

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    Get Ready For Summer With Manchester Private Hospital

    Is your body ready for summer?

    If the answer to this question is no, don't worry - you're not alone.

    May is one of the busiest months of the year for lifestyle decisions, including exercise, healthy eating and sensible lifestyle choices (alcohol, smoking etc). All with the primary aim of getting in shape for summer and ensuring their body is at optimum level to bring happiness and boost self confidence.

    Being comfortable in your own skin for many people is the key to many things, including self esteem.

    Some men and women believe they can't truly relax on holiday unless they have their summer body at a stage where they're at ease before they depart.

    However, many factors in life can prevent us all from achieving the true zen figure, whether it is lack of time, long working hours, unsocial employment and even poor metabolism.

    If you have always found it a struggle to shift weight, then the Manchester Private Hospital may have the answer.

    People all over the North West, England, including Manchester, are opting for minor and major cosmetic surgery procedures to help them on their journey for the perfect summer body.

    But is cosmetic surgery cheating? Are you cutting corners?

    These are questions only you can answer.

    But whether you opt for surgery or spend hours in the gym, often ultimately the outcome is the same.

    On the flip side, cosmetic procedures can help you achieve things that regular diet and exercise can't - such as tummy tuck surgery.

    In addition, there are certain situations where you may feel that only cosmetic surgery is the answer.

    For example, no amount of diet, sit-ups and running on a treadmill will shift a post pregnancy 'pouch' of sagging fat / skin on the lower stomach.

    The best way to find out more is to speak with an expert.

    Our highly skilled staff are used to dealing with patients on a daily basis who are unsure or have doubts about surgery.

    We will never give you false hope and put patient care the forefront of everything we do.

    That is why we are always realistic in outlining the results that can be achieved and never set unrealistic goals.

    Why are more people turning to cosmetic surgery?

    The cosmetic surgery field is only a small portion of the medical industry in general.

    However, cosmetic procedures have increased in popularity over the past 15 years.

    This is partly down to the widespread attention from reality shows on TV and prominence from the media and their focus on celebrity nip and tucks.

    But it's imperative that every patient is assessed on an individual basis to ensure that cosmetic procedures to enhance the body, such as liposuction surgery and breast augmentation, are right for them. This includes being in the right frame of mind and optimum stage of their lives.

    Cosmetic surgery can help achieve the summer body you long for, but is often only the answer for those who are prepared to make healthy lifestyle choices and work hard alongside their procedures. For example, undergoing liposuction is not the answer if a patient is going to continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle such as excessive alcoholic consumption and eating takeaway meals every night of the week.

    To know more about liposuction, please visit: https://www.manchesterprivatehospital.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery/vaser-liposuction/

    and to know more about breast augmentation, please visit: https://www.manchesterprivatehospital.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery/breast-enlargement-surgery/

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      Mole Removal Options and Information

      Moles are a very common part of our life and body appearance. Also known as nevus, which means birthmark, a mole can complement our appearance, but they can also be a hindrance too, causing stress and confidence issues.

      In most cases, moles are not cancerous and are benign pigmented lesions, meaning that they do not cause any issues / symptoms and can be left alone.

      However, in some cases, despite a mole being benign, it can cause significant distress and make people feel self conscious depending on the location of a single mole or multiple moles.

      For this reason, people opt to have them removed.

      How Are Moles Removed?

      A mole can be removed from any part of the body in a number of ways.

      Firstly, a mole will be thoroughly examined by a mole expert and cleaned.

      Secondly, the mole can then be removed, usually by excision under local anaesthetic, meaning that you will be awake but won't feel any pain.

      mole removal manchester

      Along with making an excision to remove the mole, there are a number of different methods available for mole removal:

      1. Shaving - a mole can be professionally shaved away by a mole expert using a scalpel. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and will not leave any deep scarring. Patients will usually have a mark where the mole has been shaved.

      2. Laser - some moles, depending on their diameter and location, can be removed using a laser. A light energy laser can break down the mole so that it fades and disappears completely.

      3. Excision - the mole is cut away using a scalpel and is stitched afterwards to heal the wound. An excision is different to an incision in that the technique cuts around the mole to remove it completely along with some surrounding tissue.

      Why Do People Have Moles Removed?

      If a mole is considered for removal but is benign, then removing it is purely for cosmetic reasons.

      However, there are still a large number of reasons why people have moles removed, including:

      • They do not like the way they look.
      • The location of the mole causes issues, such as on the nose - resulting in stress, anxiety and feeling of embarrassment.
      • The mole is large and intrusive.
      • The mole causes anxiety for the future, such as risk of cancers.
      • The mole gets caught on clothing, such as a bra strap, which results in inflammation or irritation.

      Removing a mole can sometimes be a bit worrying, but it is very simple and straight forward procedure. In most cases the patient only requires local anaesthetic and can return home in a few hours after having the minor surgery.

      However, if the patient does not opt for surgery and instead is a candidate for laser mole removal, the recovery is even quicker.

      More About Laser Mole Removal

      Laser mole removal is a procedure that has grown in popularity over its surgical counterpart simply because it is less intrusive and does not require being cut in any way.

      However, removal by excision often provides a better guarantee that the mole will not return in the future. This is because the mole and some surrounding tissue is removed to prevent re-growth or re-pigmenting at a later date.

      On the other hand, being cut obviously results in scarring where the wound has been and a longer recovery and aftercare plan.

      So how does laser mole removal work and is it successful?

      Laser mole removal works by using a specialist laser after the area is numbed using local anaesthetic. The laser works on the pigmentation in the mole using light energy. Once the pigment clears, the body naturally heals the area and mole disappears or fades.

      Sometimes a scab forms in the area where the laser has been working on the mole and the skin may look a little irritated for a few days.

      Most patients do not report pain during or after this procedure and it has a high success rate.

      Some patients do report a sensation of tingling during the laser treatment but it is generally nothing more than plucking a hair out or snapping the skin with an elastic band.

      Pros and Cons of Laser Mole Removal

      As with all procedures and treatments, there are a pros and cons with laser mole removal depending on the specifications of the mole and what you are looking to achieve.

      The pros are that it has a high success rate and is a non-intrusive treatment. It does not require any cutting and can be used on all areas of the body, especially sensitive areas such as the face and nose. Lastly; as there are no wounds, there is usually no scarring and more than one mole can be treated during the same procedure.

      On the flip side, the cons are that not all moles can be treated with laser mole removal. This is because it cannot penetrate deep within the skin and can usually only be used by flatter moles on the surface. Sometimes moles have deep roots that can only be removed by excision. For more details, please visit: https://www.manchesterprivatehospital.co.uk/minor-surgery/mole-removal/

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        How A Breast Lift Can Tackle Ageing Boobs

        How A Breast Lift Can Tackle Ageing Boobs

        When a person visits a cosmetic surgeon during a consultation for a breast lift, the surgeon examines the patient and discusses the procedure in great detail, including the risks and benefits, and to ensure that the results are achievable.

        A breast uplift, also known as mastopexy, is designed to realistically achieve an aesthetic body goal desired by the patient.

        A patient often enquires about a breast lift when they meet any or all of the following criteria:

        • Sagging boobs, also known as prolapsed breasts, which can be caused by weight loss, menopause and diminishment of the milk glands following pregnancy.
        • Excess skin / lack of skin elasticity on the breasts.
        • Drooping breasts with nipples that point towards the floor.

        Regardless of the reasons for considering a breast lift, a specialist cosmetic surgeon is able to assess your individual circumstances, listen to your concerns and provide advice on whether the procedure is actually right for you.

        Different Types Of Breast Lift

        There are a number of different types of breast lift available depending on your circumstances.

        Once you are able to identify the root cause of sagging breasts, you can then understand which procedure will work best for you and your desired goals.

        breast uplift manchester

        It is worth noting that a breast uplift procedure is designed to 'fix' the boob skin 'envelope' and not the actual composition of the breast such as tissue / substance.

        Full Breast Uplift

        • A full breast uplift is often performed using 3 incisions.
        • Excess skin can be removed.
        • Designed to elevate the boobs to a more natural and youthful position.
        • The diameter of the outer nipple can be reduced.
        • Some visible scarring and some scars hidden by the natural folds of the breast.

        Modified Breast Uplift

        • A modified breast uplift has fewer incisions and less scarring.
        • Procedure is more limited than a 'full' lift as it does not allow for as many changes to the skin envelope of the boob.
        • Often performed in conjunction with another procedure such as augmentation.

        It is not uncommon for a breast uplift to be performed at the same time as another procedure.

        However, if the surgery is being performed because of the use of implants, then different techniques are required.

        Breast sagging is a common side effect to having a boob job (implants), because of the extra weight and stress of the implant on the tissues and muscles within the chest.

        Overstretching the skin to accommodate the implant can also impact on the elasticity of the skin and natural breast tissue.

        Boob Ptosis

        When your boobs sag, droop or hang lower than they once did, this is known as ptosis.

        The most common cause of saggy breasts is gravity, especially in older patients.

        Women who have already gone through menopause often experience an increase in ptosis because of the aged skin, which naturally becomes overstretched and loses elasticity.

        However, younger and middle aged women can also experience ptosis for a number of reasons, including;

        • Disproportionate body shape / type
        • Very large breasts
        • Hormone changes
        • Depleted fat tissue / milk glands

        In the medical world, boob ptosis severity is actually measured on a grading scale from 1 to 4.

        1. Mild
        2. Moderate
        3. Advanced
        4. Severe

        This scale mostly applies to natural breasts than have never had other surgery such as implants.

        How The Breast Is Changed During Lift Surgery

        The boob is made up of a number of different elements, which are either directly or indirectly altered over time naturally as we age.

        These elements are then corrected during an uplift procedure.

        The elements include:

        1. Pectoral Muscle
        2. Thoracic Wall
        3. Nipple
        4. Areola
        5. Fat Tissue
        6. Milk Duct
        7. Skin Envelope

        The ligaments from the chest suspend the boobs.

        Skin also plays a crucial role, which is why when it loses elasticity or is overstretched can cause sagging.

        To correct the sagging, a surgeon will make a number of incisions to the breasts.

        Skin will be removed from the nipple area (areola) and from underneath your boob.

        This will allow for reshaping of the breasts in to a tighter shape and nipples can be repositioned to suit the new shape.

        If you are combining your procedure with breast implants, your surgeon will insert the implant (usually silicone) behind the chest muscle or underneath your breast tissue.

        After the repositioning of the breasts, incisions will then be stitched and you will be ready for recovery.

        Following your aftercare and recovery plan, you will be able to remove any support clothing and see your results instantly. To know more about breast uplift, please visit: https://www.manchesterprivatehospital.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery/breast-uplift/