Breast Lift with Implants Combination: What You Need To Know

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Although a conventional breast augmentation procedure can help increase your bust by multiple cup sizes, the breast lift, or mastopexy, can resize and recontour your breasts. Another possibility is getting a breast lift with implants to dramatically reshape your appearance. This combination procedure is known for providing rounder, fuller breasts.

breast uplift after pregnancy

Ideal Candidates

The ideal patient for this procedure is an adult woman who is healthy and has sufficient breast skin and desires fuller, larger breasts. This procedure is commonly used by women who have recently undergone reduced breast volume after certain events like menopause, motherhood or significant weight loss.

If you become pregnant, your breasts may expand by as much as three cup sizes, stretching your skin and causing your breasts to look droopy or deflated once they resume their normal size. A breast lift and implants surgery can help.

I have gone through menopause. Can I have this procedure?

Following menopause, the breasts may change their shape. Declining estrogen levels can cause your body to begin distributing fat in a different way, shifting it from the breasts into the abdomen. Combined with skin elasticity changes, it can make one or more breasts appear more flat, particularly on top. A breast lift and implant surgery is a great way to help reverse these undesirable changes.

This cosmetic procedure can provide a lifting action in combination with the tightening of loose and sagging skin. Adding implants into this process is very helpful in restoring lost volume and rounding out the upper part of each breast.

Breast Lift and Implants Price

There is a great deal of variability in the price of this procedure. Consult with the surgeon who will be performing your procedure to determine how much it will cost.

What types of breast implants are available?

The two basic types of available breast implants contain saline and silicone. Saline breast implants are filled with sterilized salt water and have a silicone coating that enhances the size and shape of the breast. These implants are normally inserted without their inner fluid, which is added as needed to obtain the desired shape for the patient.

Silicone breast implants contain a silicone gel that is a close match to the feeling of human tissues. They differ somewhat from saline breast implants in that the breast will not lose size or shape in case of a rupture. If a rupture occurs, however, the breast implant will require removal.

Other Types of Breast Implants

Gummy Bear Implant: This type of implant is named this way because it will not have its shape altered if the upper layer breaks. Unlike other implants, they are normally firm, with specific sides designating top and bottom.

Round Implants: Women who receive these types of implants desire breasts that appear fuller since this procedure is normally for those who want breast enlargement. They do not have a specific side for top and bottom, but are round all over.

Smooth Implants: As the name indicates, smooth breast implants provide a smoother feeling. They are not stiff, resulting in more natural movement.

Textured Implants: Textured implants are known for being more fixed and stuck to surrounding tissues, so they will not move around as much inside of the breasts, as with some other implants.

Your Surgery

This combination cosmetic procedure takes as long as three hours to complete and is normally performed under general anesthesia. The type of incision required is dependent upon the amount of skin removal to achieve the desired lift. If only a minor amount is required, an incision can be created around the areola, whilst moderate tightening may involve an extra vertical incision to help with reshaping.

To make room for your breast implant, your cosmetic surgeon will form a pocket. They will place your new implant beneath the breast tissue, and the implant may need to be placed under the chest wall muscle. Finally, your surgeon will seal your incision using stitches, and tape, bandages, and gauze will be applied to provide support and help with healing.


One of the key aspects of the procedure is breast lift and implants recovery. Following your procedure, your breast will be swollen, bruised, and uncomfortable for a few days, which can be reduced with the use of oral anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. In a day or two after your surgery, your bandages will be removed, and you will need to wear a sport bra for two to three weeks.

You may have drainage tubes inserted for a few days to remove excess fluid. Your stitches can be removed in a week or two. You may experience numbness and swelling for up to six weeks after your procedure.

Contact your cosmetic surgeon right away if you experience any complications following your surgery.

Combination Breast Lift and Implants FAQ

How much does this procedure cost?

When it comes to breast lift and augmentation cost UK patients should consult with the performing surgeon. Costs vary on an individual basis, depending upon factors like the size and type of implants that will be used.

What happens at a consultation?

At your breast lift with implants consultation, you will be meeting with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to ensure that a lift and augmentation can help you achieve the results that you desire. It may help to bring along photos of how you would like to look after your procedure. You'll be asked to reveal your medical history, including any medicines or supplements that you are currently taking, as well as any past surgeries, relevant medical conditions, and the state of your general health.

Your cosmetic surgeon will provide an examination, measurement, and photographs of your breasts. They will go over your surgical options and develop a plan for your individual needs, based upon your body type and personal preferences. You will also discuss with your surgeon the type of implants that you desire and the size that you would like your breasts to be.

Breast Uplift After Pregnancy

Breast surgery after pregnancy and childbearing is often referred to as a 'mummy makeover', or 'mum job' in Manchester and other parts of the North, and it seems to be a trend that is popular at the moment for a number of reasons. One being that the pressures of modern society and media coverage of celebrities who 'bounce back' in to pre-baby shape, gives off an impression that others look up to or aspire towards

breast uplift after pregnancy

However, pregnancy is one of the biggest factors for change in a female's life whereby body shape and size are greatly affected. So it is understandable that whatever the reason, some women want to boost their self esteem and regain confidence.

Whilst it is possible for some women to look and feel as they did before, for many the reality is very different.

Breast Surgery - How Long Should You Wait After Pregnancy?

One of the biggest and most popular cosmetic procedures after pregnancy is uplift, also known as mastopexy, whereby excess skin is removed from each boob so that it can be lifted and, in some circumstances reshaped.

The minimum recommended time to wait after pregnancy before going under the knife for breast surgery is six months, but ideally a minimum of one year should have passed. This is because the body goes through drastic hormonal and physical natural changes that can continue to happen post-birth.

Following the delivery of your baby, depending on the type of delivery, your breasts can continue to change for many months afterwards and surgery is not advised until these changes have settled down and stabilised.

The duration is sometimes longer for women who breastfeed. If you are unsure, always consult a cosmetic surgery professional who specialises in post-pregnancy procedures. After all, surgery can be traumatic in itself on the body and recovery is required to ensure the best possible results and patient satisfaction.

What Are the Effects on the Breasts from pregnancy?

When women talk about pregnancy and giving birth, the topic of conversation usually involves the effects on the body.

Weight gain, hormonal changes and the general impact of carrying a baby for 9 months can take its toll. So how do the breasts change during this period and how does surgery help?

- Sagging
- Loss of volume
- Nipple / areola changes
- Position
- Shape

The first noticeable major side effect on the boobs from pregnancy post-birth is stretch marks.

During pregnancy the boobs usually increase in size and volume, which causes the skin to stretch and the breasts to hang lower. Naturally as the skin is stretched it loses elasticity and it is difficult for it to 'bounce back' after the breasts decrease in volume. Leaving behind what is commonly referred to as 'deflated balloons' or 'swinging pendulums'.

The second major side effect that women complain with is that the boobs continue to hang low despite losing their volume. This is caused by the ligaments and skin being stretched during the period of pregnancy.

All of these changes can have a negative impact on both emotional and physical state of women.

Post Pregnancy Uplift Without Augmentation

It is possible for cosmetic surgeons to perform uplift surgery without the use of implants, also known as augmentation. In fact, it is very common for women where size has never been an issue either before or after giving birth.

If you are considering an uplift, always do your research first and understand the procedure to the best of your knowledge before arranging a consultation. This will give you a deeper insight in to what is involved and what can be achieved.

Many cosmetic surgeons will be able to advise you on whether or not you are an ideal candidate for breast uplift after pregnancy and whether or not it will give you realistic results.

There are times when a surgeon may suggest waiting for a more optimum time or that your expectations are not realistic. It is important that you are able to fully understand your options. A common mistake many women make is rushing in to surgery and expecting a different outcome from what can be achieved. For example, to increase or regain the volume of your breasts, the use of implants may be required. This is because some desired looks cannot be achieved by uplift alone.

What Does Post Pregnancy Uplift Involve?

After giving birth to one or more children, you may decide to have an uplift procedure performed. If you are wondering what the procedure involves, below is a brief outline for information purposes:

- The breasts are raised to a desired position on the chest
- Excess skin is removed to reduce stretch marks
- Ligaments and some tissue may be removed in order to tighten the breasts and reduce sagging

Always ensure you fully research the surgery you are considering so that you better understand it. It will benefit both you and the cosmetic surgeon as you will both be 'on the same page' when it comes to your desired goals and realistic results. If, for any reason you have doubts or questions to ask, speak with a medical professional who specialises in breast uplift surgery for post-pregnant women.

Is it possible to undergo uplift and enlargement at the same time?

Enlarging the breasts at the same time as lifting them is a common combination cosmetic procedure after bearing children. This is because uplift is designed to raise the position of the breasts and augmentation is to increase volume.

However, before opting for cosmetic surgery, it is best to wait until you are sure you aren't going to have any more children, as it can feel as though you are undoing any achieved look from surgery as the body will go through another round of drastic changes.

What Locations Are Available?

When it comes to breast surgery, there are no limitations in terms of area or location. However, there are some points that you should consider to ensure that it is a viable option for you.

At the Manchester Private Hospital, we are ideally situated in the North West, close to many major cities with good access to transport links. We have patients coming from far and wide for breast uplift following pregnancy, including; Liverpool, Widnes, Birkenhead, Warrington, Chester, Blackpool and others.

However, as most surgical procedures of this nature require a minimum of one overnight stay in hospital, ensure you are able to make the necessary childcare arrangements, especially if you have recently given birth (6-12 months).

It is also important to note that travelling with a companion can offer support and help with immediate recovery, such as putting on clothes and driving you to and from your appointment.

What Is The Wisdom Tooth Look?

A current trend in cosmetic surgery has recently gone viral known as the 'wisdom tooth' look.

But what is it and why are women looking it up on search engines and social media?

The wisdom tooth look is a body appearance that is one step further than the classic hourglass shape that many women aspire towards.

A 'craze' has recently spread around the usual online channels due to many celebrities having recently been photographed sporting the look, which many females are loving on both sides of the pond in the US and UK.

Main criteria for the new viral trend is a thin waist, streamlined legs with thigh gap, and a large buttocks.

One of the reasons why this look is known as the 'wisdom tooth' is because all factors combined give the appearance of a wisdom tooth - tapered in at the tops of the leg (thighs) and a bulges out at the sides.

Celebrities and Instagram stars are showcasing their photographs of the new look, enhanced by multiple cosmetic procedures.

The cosmetic procedures involved in creating the wisdom tooth figure are:

In addition to the above, some women are also going one step further and undergoing breast augmentation and breast uplift

However, despite the body transformation, many are not admitting to surgery, instead only coming clean about minor procedures such as botox and fillers.

Whilst a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a more desired figure, many members of the general public are not convinced surgery has not been involved.

For example, to increase the chances of a thigh gap without significant weight loss, liposuction or vaser liposuction is a potential cosmetic procedure that can suck out unwanted fat and sculpt the top area of the legs. Thus creating a thigh gap - where the tops of the legs do not touch.

In addition to this, Vaser can also be used on the flanks with possible butt-lift to enhance the backside. Buttlifts are popular at the moment due to photographs showcasing what can be achieved with either fat transfer or implant buttlift (also known as gluteoplasty).

Fat can be taken from other areas of the body and injected into a woman's bum region.

Fat that is unwanted usually comes from the stomach or thighs and used elsewhere.

One of the reasons why fat transfer is a preferred method of enhancement is because it is the individuals own tissue that is used - so the body has less chance of rejecting it as a foreign object or causing complications from scar tissue.

In addition, it also provides better results in some circumstances with a more natural and soft result.

However, when performing fat transfer buttlift surgery, it is absolutely imperative that the surgeon performing the procedure has the skills and experience of doing so due to the complexity of the operation.

Following a 'Wisdom Tooth' cosmetic surgery procedure, results can be visible from eight to twelve weeks.

For more information on any of the available cosmetic procedures at The Manchester Private Hospital, contact a friendly member of our staff at a convenient time for you.

Boob Job in Manchester – Everything You Need To Know

Are you based in or around Manchester and considering a boob job?

Here is everything you need to know, in brief, from research to consultation and aftercare plans.

This information will provide a good starting point for your boob job journey in easy to digest chunks without the medical jargon.

Where To Start?

The first thing any person is advised to do when considering a boob job is research the procedure.

One of the reasons for this is because the phrase 'boob job' can be used to describe one or more cosmetic procedures on the breasts.


Many people think that a boob job applies only to enlargement, however, a boob job can include a combination of procedures such as breast enlargement + breast lift, nipple correction, breast reduction, fat transfer and breast reconstruction.

Researching the type of procedure you want will allow you to gain more knowledge on the subject and provide you with questions to ask an expert.

The First Step

Once you have carried out extensive research on boob jobs, you will no doubt have understood the procedure a lot more and also gained an idea of not only what you like the sound of, but also what will suit your needs best.

For example, if considering enlargement, also known as augmentation, this can be carried out in a number of ways; implant enlargement or fat transfer enlargement. There are also many decisions to be made for each, such as what type of implant, or where the fat will be taken from to be placed into the breasts.

The next step to take is to contact a boob job specialist to arrange a consultation.

A specialist will be able to listen to your ideas, carry out a full medical examination to check your health and provide you with advice and guidance.

The advice and guidance you should expect to receive will include individual possibilities of what is possible and what is not for your size, body type and health condition. In addition, you will also be made aware of what the realistic goals and results are that you can expect after your procedure.

An example of unrealistic results would be to try and enlarge your breasts larger than a few cup sizes, which does not stick within sensible parameters for your body shape.

Second and Third Steps

After making the decision to get a boob job, learning more about the procedure and receiving professional advice, the following steps are actually undergoing surgery and recovering from your procedure.

Depending on the extent of your single or multiple combined procedure, the duration of the surgery will vary.

Certain boob jobs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to perform.

Additional time is added on for immediate recovery and aftercare.

The type of recovery and aftercare you receive should be within an accessible distance, especially in the event of complications and side effects.

For example, we are based in Manchester, which means we are perfectly located as a central hub for boob jobs in the North of England and North Wales.

Many patients travel up to 50+ miles from all over the North including; Blackpool, Derby, Crewe, Chester, Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales to visit our specialist boob job hospital

There are no limitations in terms of the patient locations we accept, however, you should be made aware of that often someone will need to assist / transport you to and from your procedure. So being within a reasonable distance can help.

In addition, check-ups and aftercare appointments will also need to be attended in a clinic, therefore travelling back and forth should be convenient for yourself and your chaperone.

After undergoing surgery, you will be expected to take it easy and give your body the time it needs to heal and recover.

This includes having time off work and resting.

Patients who love the gym may still be able to perform light exercise in the days following your procedure, but it is imperative that you check this with your specialist to ensure that what you are doing does not hinder or compromise the procedure and therefore negatively affect the results of your boob job.

If you have any doubts or unanswered questions relating to boob jobs, be it augmentation or fat transfer, contact us today on 0161 507 8822. to speak with a friendly member of our team who will be able to answer your queries and eliminate any sticking points.

Our Location

Manchester Private Hospital is based in Salford, Greater Manchester, and the postcode for your sat-nav is M5 4HB. We are accessible to many locations in the North, just 30 miles from Liverpool, 50 miles from Blackpool, 80 miles from Derby, 40 miles from Crewe and Chester, and 15 miles from Warrington.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Combined Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery in 2019 is so much more advanced than 5-10 years ago.

Modern techniques have not only made cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation, more accessible to more patients in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and other regions, but also opened the door to combined procedures.

Combined procedures are known to produce dramatic results in a short period of time, but combining treatments may not be right for every patient.

Combination Breast Surgery

Granted patients have more options and opportunities to enhance their appearance, such as the breasts, but some women are put off by the waiting time and recovery of individual procedures before they can undergo their next cosmetic procedure.

This has resulted in consultants looking to combine multiple procedures in to one operation, in order to achieve the goals of the patient in the most efficient time possible.



There are many advantages of combining cosmetic breast procedures and in some cases, depending on the needs and goals of the patient, surgeons may actually recommend multiple surgeries in the initial consultation.

- A breast lift combined with breast enlargement will not only add volume to the boobs, but also make them more perky so that they sit higher on the chest.

- Combining breast procedures will allow for better results both short term and long term following recovery. For example, enlargement alone may not achieve the desired results if the patient is suffering from breast sagging.

- Combination surgery, providing the patient is fit and in good health, will only require one period of recovery and downtime. This means that patients won't have to take additional time off work at a later date, nor will they have multiple periods of recovery as with individual procedures.


- A longer period of recovery and length of time off work will be needed initially following combination surgery.

- More scars may be present immediately due to multiple procedures being performed at the same time.

- Combination breast surgery is more expensive than a single procedure, due to the fact that patients are combining two or more procedures in to one. However, in some cases, patients may be able to receive a reduced cost discount overall.

When we talk about combining multiple cosmetic surgery procedures, we talk on an individual basis.

This is because each patient is assessed on a personal level to ensure that their planned procedures are able to realistically achieve their goals.

The best way to find out whether a patients' goals match the potential results is to book a consultation with a qualified breast surgeon, who will be able to provide advice and guidance on up to four procedures (such as enlargement, lift, nipple correction) at any one time.

Is Combined Breast Surgery Right For You?

There are often similarities between women of all ages on the reasons why they are considering breast surgery.

If you are in good health and live a healthy lifestyle, then you may be an ideal candidate for combined breast surgery.

Combined breast surgery helps to achieve multiple results at one time and is often used in a variety of patient scenarios, including:

- Ageing - As we age our breasts naturally lose their volume and can appear as though they hang towards the floor (breast sagging). Patients with this issue can benefit from combined uplift and augmentation.

- Having Children - Going through the stages of pregnancy followed by breast feeding can take its toll on our boobs. It is not uncommon to experience sagging and feel as though your breasts are deflated, which may result in the areola pointing towards the ground. Nipple correction combined with lift and enlargement can help rectify issues in this situation.

- Losing Weight - weight loss (and weight gain) can have a dramatic effect on every part of our bodies. Often patients are left with stubborn fat, stretch marks and saggy boobs. Combined surgery of liposuction, breast lift and tummy tuck may be an option.

If you would like to find out more about combination cosmetic surgery, speak with one of our team at a convenient time for you by calling 0161 507 8822.

We pride ourselves on putting patients at the forefront of everything we do to ensure there is absolutely no pressure to proceed with anything you are not comfortable with.